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Nikon's most innovatively designed camera, the palm sized 3Mp Coolpix SQ

Nikon announces the COOLPIX SQ. The square COOLPIX SQ is a 3-Mp compact digital camera that features a swivel lens, with 3x optical zoom. In addition to fully automatic operation, the COOLPIX SQ has 15 versatile Scene modes, Continuous Shooting mode for rapid sequences and Movie mode lets users record up to 40 sec. video with audio. The camera comes with the MV-10 cradle...
Nikon’s most innovatively designed camera, the palm sized 3Mp Coolpix SQ - digital camera and photography news


The square-shaped COOLPIX SQ is a 3-megapixel-class digital still camera that combines a visually compelling, stylish design with outstanding performance. It incorporates a swivel lens that is integral to its overall design statement and optical precision.

The COOLPIX SQ is a digital camera for trendsetters and opinion leaders for whom style is a primary concern, and who are seeking bold, new ways to make a statement about their personal style.

Featuring a 3x optical Zoom-Nikkor lens and 4x digital zoom, the COOLPIX SQ provides excellent optical performance. The camera's exclusively developed features achieve accurate and vibrant color reproduction, fast operation and stress-free operation. The camera's 3.1 effective megapixels offer remarkable resolution, even with printouts as large as B4 size.

The COOLPIX SQ's swivel lens design offers the flexibility and creative opportunities of free-angle picture taking, including the ability to take self-portraits; it also contributes to the camera's compactness and near-professional-grade image quality. The slim rechargeable battery provides up to 65 minutes of shooting power while helping enable the sleek profile of the full-metal casing.

In addition to fully automatic operation, the COOLPIX SQ has 15 versatile Scene Modes that capture great pictures in virtually any imaginable situation. Continuous Shooting mode offers rapid sequencing and Movie mode lets users record up to 40 seconds of video with audio. Users can also shoot as close as 4cm (1.6 in.) from their subjects without sacrificing clarity and crispness.

The COOLPIX SQ comes with the COOL-STATION MV-10, a cradle that serves as a multifunctional base of operations. The battery recharges while the camera rests in the cradle. Uploading images to a computer (via USB cable) requires only a single press of the cradle's transfer button.

Many accessories accompany the COOLPIX SQ, including the compact rechargeable battery and a CompactFlash™ Card, a USB cable, and powerful Nikon View software.

With its cutting-edge design and array of advanced, yet easy-to-use, features, the COOLPIX SQ is an exciting addition to the COOLPIX lineup that will appeal to consumers who demand that sophisticated style doesn't preclude high performance.

Note: Specifications, design, product name and standard accessories may differ by country or area.

Nikon COOLPIX SQ Feature Highlights

Stylish design
The COOLPIX SQ boasts a stylish design with a sleek square body and full-metal casing. Details such as a diamond-cut logo and aluminum lens ring contribute to the camera's sophisticated personality. The camera has a unique swivel lens design that gives users the flexibility to capture images from nearly any angle - including self-portraits.

Impressive image quality
The camera's 1/2.7-in. high-density CCD employs 3.1 effective megapixels to produce ultrahigh-definition 2,016 x 1,512-pixel images. Its 3x optical Zoom-Nikkor lens -- featuring a 5.6-16.8mm focal range (equivalent to 37-111mm in 35mm [135] camera format) -- and Nikon's advanced image-processing algorithm ensure exceptional color and sharpness for great-looking images on screen, online and with prints as large as B4 size.

Convenient shooting modes provide ease and versatility
The general-purpose Auto mode and 15 Scene Modes make getting great shots easy. Just select the appropriate mode and the COOLPIX SQ will handle all the adjustments automatically. Movie mode can record clips as long as 40 seconds with audio.

Scene modes
Emphasizes a subject with natural skin tones against a soft, appealing background.
Captures the details of dimly lit scenes. The Speedlight fires automatically in low-light situations.
Night Portrait
Fires the built-in Speedlight to illuminate the subject but keeps the shutter open long enough to capture the background.
Vividly captures the brightness of difficult-to-photograph settings such as snowy fields, beaches and sunlit expanses of water.
Captures distant scenes with exceptional sharpness and clarity.
Enables users to capture the natural beauty of sunsets.
Night Landscape
Employs slow shutter speeds to capture stunning nightscapes
Produces clear indoor pictures without triggering the flash

*Note: Photography is prohibited in some museums and exhibitions. Be sure to obtain permission before taking pictures in these places.

Fireworks Show
Instantly responds to the shutter release button to capture fireworks at the ideal moment
Close Up
Takes up-close pictures with an artistically blurred background
Renders clear black and white reproductions of text or drawings on a whiteboard or from printed matter
Back Light
Speedlight fires automatically to illuminate shadows covering a subject
Uses a fast shutter speed to capture sharp, clear images that freeze the action
Catches the natural-light beauty of dimly lit or hazy situations, such as just before sunrise or after sunset
Panorama Assist
Allows you to take several side-by-side images, all at the same exposure and white balance setting, then combine them later using the supplied photo editing software to create spectacular wide-vista images

Cradle for easy charging and upload
The COOLPIX SQ comes with the Cradle COOL-STATION MV-10. The battery recharges while the camera is in the cradle. Uploading images to a computer (via USB cable) requires a single press of the cradle's transfer button.

Nikon View software
With the supplied Nikon View software, users can browse uploaded images in thumbnail format, enlarge them and obtain shooting information. The software also allows users to adjust the color balance, change the image size for e-mailing or Web posting, run a slide show of selected images, make direct print-outs and eliminate red eyes with a touch of a button.
February 18, 2003
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