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Nikon Coolpix P3 and P4: higher performance in attractive body

Nikon announces the Coolpix P3 and P4, an expansion to its more advanced and feature-rich P for Performance series of digital cameras. Designed for the photographer who enjoys a high level of control, advanced imaging technologies and the ability to take creative control of their photography, these two exciting new cameras combine 8.1 effective megapixels with a wide range of advanced in-camera technologies...


Nikon Coolpix P3 and P4: higher performance in attractive body - digital camera and photography newsNikon Corporation is pleased to announce the introduction of the COOLPIX P3 and COOLPIX P4. Two compact digital cameras combining an exceptional 8.1 megapixels of resolution with an array of advanced features, the COOLPIX P3 and P4 take picture-taking enjoyment a step ahead.

The COOLPIX P3 and P4 feature a 1/1.8-inch CCD. And because they offer 8.1 effective megapixels of image resolution, both cameras deliver outstanding imaging power that's not only enough to show beautiful skin texture and capture the myriad colors of the human eye, but also enough to ensure shots stay breathtakingly clear even when significantly enlarged. They also each incorporate a 36-126mm (35mm equivalent) Zoom-Nikkor lens that offers ample freedom to zoom in for close compositions, zoom right out to capture breathtaking scenery and even enjoy macro shooting from as close as 4cm.

Perhaps the most exciting element of the COOLPIX P3 and P4, however, is the innovative VR (Vibration Reduction) capability. Originally developed for Nikon SLRs, lens shift VR capability is available in two modes that compensate for camera movement to realize a shooting experience akin to shooting at shutter speeds three stops faster. VR Normal compensates for the minor movements that can happen all too easily during handheld shooting, while VR Active compensates for more pronounced movements – so you can even achieve rock-steady results while shooting from a moving vehicle, for example. Allowing photographers to shoot without blurring in lower light and keeping subjects clear during pan shooting, VR also extends to movie shooting and even helps support faster framing on the large 2.5-inch 150,000-dot LCD.

Delivering further photographic fun and freedom through built-in Wi-Fi capability, the COOLPIX P3 offers IEEE 802.11b/g LAN support. Surprisingly easy to set up and use, it lets users send images instantly to a computer as soon as they're taken, or alternately send all images stored on memory to a computer in one go. Wireless freedom also extends to printing too, so users can carry out cable-free printing to PictBridge-compatible printers*.

A range of advanced imaging features make the COOLPIX P3 and P4 stand out from other compact digital cameras, giving photographers greater control to produce shots more aligned with discerning personal tastes. 11 wide-area AF achieves more accurate autofocus through analysis of a larger area of the frame. As a result, photographers can experiment with more imaginative compositions, with main subjects positioned away from the center or multiple subjects, and still be assured of crisp, sharp results.

Both cameras offer Aperture-priority Auto mode to let photographers benefit from aperture control in 1/3EV steps, so they can select large apertures for attractive background blurring or stop down to small apertures to extend crisp focus into the distance – all while the camera automatically selects the most appropriate shutter speed for optimized exposure. And for all kinds of shooting, an on-screen histogram provides analytical assistance for exposure. Surprisingly easy to understand, it displays shadow levels on the left and highlight levels on the right on the large LCD, so users can avoid under- and overexposure before even pressing the shutter.

Helping photographers capture the action as it happens, the COOLPIX P3 and P4 also feature continuous shooting at up to 1.8 frames per second. This capability is also complemented by 5 shot buffer shooting that allows users to keep shooting in a continuous burst and have the camera record the last five images taken. Such functionality can be great when trying to capture an event that could happen at any imminent moment.

The COOLPIX P3 and P4 make it easy to shoot movies with sound, with a choice of three modes offering up to 30fps performance. There's also a Time-lapse movie mode that uses pictures shot with the Interval timer shooting function to create a movie in which the action appears speeded up.

Images can even be improved in-camera through the use of three innovative Nikon functions. Face-priority AF** cleverly detects people's faces to achieve sharp focus on them, no matter where they happen to be located in the frame. In-Camera Red-Eye Fix helps users make red-eye a thing of the past. Detecting the annoying red-eye effect that can sometimes occur in flash photography, In-Camera Red-Eye Fix provides automatic compensation for more flattering, natural-looking portraits in low light. There's also Nikon's unique D-Lighting function available in playback mode, which can improve underexposed images or shots taken with too much back light by creating a copy of an image with added light and detail wherever necessary and well-exposed areas left exactly as they were.

Operation of the COOLPIX P3 and P4 is exceptionally smooth and user-friendly. Icons are clearer and have optimal proportions, users can opt to select functions by either name or icon, and all menus and icons have been created with a new color scheme that's easier on the eye. The COOLPIX P3 and P4 have also been made even more desirable through attention to sophisticated design. In fact, the exteriors have been created to convey a distinct air of quality, with attractive yet simple lines that also make the camera fit more comfortably in the hand. The use of aluminum throughout the exterior builds on this sense of quality, while the lens and grip sections have been given a flatter, space-efficient form. Furthermore, various different materials have been incorporated into the design to provide visually appealing contrast.

Like all COOLPIX cameras, the COOLPIX P3 and P4 come bundled with Nikon's complimentary and exclusive PictureProject software. Now featuring special Wi-Fi functions for use with the COOLPIX P3, PictureProject adds even more possibilities to digital photography. Complete with an interface that's easy for virtually anyone to use, it makes for simple image editing and supports easy image organization and sharing, while compatibility with a range of plug-ins lets users add exciting new capabilities on demand.

* Requires optionally available Wireless Printer Adapter PD-10.
** Face recognition capability may be limited in some shooting conditions.

Note: Specifications, design, product name, standard accessories, and release schedule may differ by country or area.
February 21, 2006
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