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Nikon announces the compact Coolpix L11 and Coolpix L10

Nikon announces two new entry level digital cameras, the Coolpix L11 and L10. The Coolpix L11 features a 6 megapixel image sensor and a 2.4 inch LCD monitor. The L10 features a 5 megapixel image sensor and 2.0 inch LCD. Both cameras feature a 3x Nikkor-Zoom lens with a focal range of 37.5-112.5mm (35mm equivalent), light sensitivity up to ISO 800 and use regular AA-size batteries for their power. The new L-series cameras are available in in three colors, Matte Silver, Matte Black and Titanium...


Nikon announces the compact Coolpix L11 and Coolpix L10 - digital camera and photography newsEasy shooting with smooth operation, enabling anyone to get great results, more of the time.

Nikon Corporation is pleased to announce the introduction of the COOLPIX L11 and the COOLPIX L10. With the COOLPIX L11 packing 6.0 effective megapixels and the L10 packing 5.0 effective megapixels, and both cameras offering easy operation, they enable even absolute beginners to take great-looking pictures.

Each featuring a powerful 3x Nikkor-Zoom lens with a focal range of 37.5-112.5mm (35mm equivalent), the COOLPIX L11 and L10 make it easy for users to capture special moments with friends and family, anytime. And because they offer the aforementioned image resolution of 6.0 and 5.0 effective megapixels respectively, the COOLPIX L11 and L10 are great for capturing fine detail with sharpness that remains even when images are significantly enlarged.

What's more, both cameras offer high light sensitivity up to ISO 800, which makes it easier to produce quality shots in low light conditions without using a slower exposure. Such sensitivity also makes it possible to use much faster shutter speeds in ordinary lighting conditions to capture fast-moving subjects with greater sharpness.

Both cameras additionally feature large LCD monitors that make for easy image composition and handy playback anywhere. The LCD of the COOLPIX L11 measures an impressive 2.4-inches across while that of the L10 measures 2.0-inches across – ample dimensions that make it easy for everyone to gather round and enjoy the results.

Adding a further element of convenience, both the COOLPIX L11 and L10 are compatible with AA-size batteries. Such batteries are, of course, widely available around the world, which means users never have to worry about running out of power, no matter where they happen to be. What's more, the COOLPIX L11 and L10 both feature three unique Nikon innovations that enable anyone to improve their images in-camera – Face-priority AF* that automatically detects and achieves sharp focus on people's faces wherever they are in the frame, In-Camera Red-Eye Fix that can automatically overcome the red-eye effect sometimes caused by flash, and Nikon's D-Lighting that can rescue underexposed images or shots taken with too much backlight.

Furthermore, like all other cameras in the popular Nikon COOLPIX range, both the COOLPIX L11 and L10 come bundled with Nikon's exclusive PictureProject software. Powerful, yet exceptionally easy to use, PictureProject makes it a snap to transfer, organize, edit and share photos with family and friends.

* Face recognition capability may be limited in some shooting conditions.

Note: Specifications, design, product name, standard accessories, and release schedule may differ by country or area.
February 20, 2007
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