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Nikon ensures that faces remain in focus

As people are the subject of many of our pictures, Nikon's latest series of digital cameras offer some unique features that help you in making better pictures with less effort. The Face-Priority Auto Focus feature ensures that the faces in your portraits are in focus and the In-Camera Red-Eye Fix feature fixes the Red Eye problem when using the camera's flash.You'll find these features on the Nikon 4600, 5600, 5900, 7900 and on the recently introduced ultra-compact S1...
More information on Nikon's Face-priority Auto Focus system


Face Priority Auto Focus ensures sharp Portraits

Imagine a camera smart enough to find a face in a scene. Nikon's new Face-Priority AF can do just that when selected using the camera's Portrait Scene Mode. As its name suggests, Face-Priority AF uses technology  to identify  within a scene and then sets the camera's focus point accordingly. Manual techniques that formerly required the photographer to use focus lock can be avoided in favor of the new automation of Face-priority AF. It's faster, responsive to creative composition, and makes portrait picture taking easier than ever.

Here's how it works:

When you're ready to take a portrait, select the camera's Portrait Mode and Face-priority is automatically activated. A special digital detection program will scan for facial details and then control autofocus operation based on the location of the detected face in the scene. Even if the subject moves, or as the photographer recomposes the picture, Face-priority AF will respond and keep focus on the subject's face. The system can actually identify up to three faces!

Based on detection of facial characteristics and general scene arrangement, the technology can detect when the camera is composed for vertical or horizontal composition and works effectively even if the composition is a little tilted. Even when the subject's distance changes within the typical portrait distance, Face-priority AF will continue to operate.

The function then marks the faces with [brackets] on the camera's LCD screen and tracks the faces if they move about during composition. With multiple faces, the camera will determine its focus points based on the closest subject within the shot. The bracket shows confirmation once focus is locked and then turns green to prompt the user to take the picture. The result is crisp, sharp portraits at the press of a single button.    

In-Camera Red-Eye Fix says goodbye to Red Eye

Beyond faces, most Nikon Coolpix cameras can automatically detect and remove red-eye directly within the camera with Nikon's exclusive In-Camera Red-Eye Fix(TM) technology. This elegant solution to common red-eye pictures detects and corrects red eyes in most typical situations without the need to press buttons or select and highlight the eyes in playback. Nikon's red-eye solution is completely transparent to the user and the result is simple - less red-eye photographs straight from the camera.

Additional information: More information on Nikon's Face-priority Auto Focus system
March 27, 2005
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