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Nikon D50 announced


Nikon D50 product informationNikon is pleased to announce the introduction of the D50, an entry level D-SLR camera which combines outstanding response and exceptional optical performance with ease of use.  Specifically designed for consumers looking to upgrade from a digital compact to the next level of digital photography, the D50 is affordable and simple to use; perfect for the SLR beginner.  

Image capture is made easy thanks to Nikon's scene-optimised, Digital Vari-Program modes. By selecting one of seven easily distinguishable icons from the handy exposure mode dial, complex settings are optimised to produce consistently remarkable results. A new function available with the D50 is ‘Child' mode, ‘Child' mode is a pre-programmed mode, ideal for the family user allowing the photographer to take great images of their children. Skin tones are naturally smooth without sacrificing vibrancy. Settings within this mode are optimised for photographing young children giving them a healthier colouring. ISO sensitivity is automatically controlled and the saturation and hue are suitably adjusted. Full manual exposure control is also available with the D50; allowing more advanced photographers the creative freedom they desire.

The D50 features a new 6.1 effective megapixel Nikon DX Format CCD image sensor and a highly advanced image processing engine, which combine to create truly faithful image files capable of significant enlargement, thereby making it even easier to take and store images.  These optimised components produce consistent results, even under challenging shooting conditions i.e. when working with light-coloured subjects or long exposure shots.

The D50 is ready to shoot in just 0.2 seconds for near-instant readiness, whilst the shutter's release lag time is also minimised for near-instant response that virtually eliminates this common frustration of digital photography.

Continuous shooting at 2.5 frames per second can be maintained for bursts of up to 137†  pictures, making action photography a reality.  Images taken are instantly processed and recorded to the photographer's compact SD (Secure Digital) memory card.  A new USB 2.0 Hi-Speed interface supports faster transfer of images when connected to a compatible computer.

Shutter speed choices extend from 30 sec. to an action-stopping 1/4,000 sec.
A high-speed flash sync speed up to 1/500 sec. makes great fill flash photography possible, and Nikon technology makes it automatic.  A bulb setting is also included for long exposures. The shutter is designed to ensure fast curtain action for consistent operation and accurate, predictable results, even at high shutter speed settings.  AUTO ISO maximises available light by automatically setting ISO-equivalent sensitivity across the available range of 200 to 1600. D50 photographers can also opt to set the ISO sensitivity manually for personal control.

The D50's 5-area autofocus system inherits Nikon's proven cross-type center sensor, broad frame coverage, class-leading low light detection (found only in the award-winning Nikon D70 camera) and delivers even greater AF precision with fast, more consistent subject acquisition and improved focus tracking.  The new system adopts AF-A mode for smooth automated operation that switches between AF-S (single-servo autofocus) and AF-C (continuous-servo autofocus) depending on the movement of the subject in the framed shot.  An AF-assist illuminator is also included, which helps maximise performance when shooting in low lighting conditions.

The D50 produces consistently natural colouration by measuring the entire frame of the shot and matching white balance to the light source.  Advanced auto white balance handles most lighting situations but the flexible options include a choice of six specific manual settings, white balance bracketing for added creative choice of results, as well as a preset option for using a gray or white object as a calibrating reference under mixed lighting conditions.

Nikon's new 3D Colour Matrix Metering II ensures accurate exposure control in most types of lighting situations by automatically comparing input from its frame-wide 420-pixel sensor for each scene to a large onboard database of over 30,000 scenes from actual photography.  Professionals and amateurs alike rely on Nikon's exclusive light metering technologies that produce ideal exposures instantly.  Newly developed exposure evaluation methods detect highlights and shadows in the frame, and compensate for them to help minimise under or over exposure by comparing the lighting pattern of the frame with the onboard database of scenes, thus enhancing performance for more accurate and consistent exposures.

The new D50 offers seamless compatibility with Nikon's extensive family of high-performance AF Nikkor lenses, as well as the expanding family of digital-dedicated DX Nikkor lenses, providing superb colour reproduction, razor-sharp image clarity and fast, accurate autofocus performance.

The compact, light-weight design of the new D50 makes it easy to carry, while its body contours and easily accessible controls provide handling efficiency and easy operation. The D50's large 2.0-inch LCD monitor presents clear and helpful user information in plain language.  Intuitive help dialogs are available for on-the-spot reference to the respective menu selections.  The high-capacity, rechargeable lithium-ion battery helps extend mobility and convenience by delivering the power to shoot up to 2,000 images on a single charge.

Additional information: Nikon D50 product information
April 20, 2005
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