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Mustek unveils new Multi-Functional DV536 Camcorder-PVR

As capacity of the SD/MMC cards increases, it becomes more and more the storage medium for compact camcorders. Mustek has now announced the DV536 Digital Camcorder, a palm-sized multimedia powerhouse that serves as personal video recorder for recording straight from a TV or DVD player, a VGA-quality digital camcorder, a voice recorder, an MP3 player plus a 10-megapixel digital still camera. Note that the 10 Megapixel images are created through interpolation as the DV536 is equipped with a 5-megapixel CMOS image sensor. The camera will ship in July with an MSRP of $199.99...


Visit the Mustek websitePalm-Sized DV536 Captures MPEG-4 Video, Records Directly From TV or DVD Player, Plus Functions As Digital Camera, Voice Recorder, MP3
Player & SD Card Reader

Digital convergence has transformed the consumer electronics landscape, and few manufacturers have embraced it more decisively than Mustek. Witness the new Mustek DV536 Digital Camcorder-PVR, a palm-sized entertainment powerhouse that takes convergence to new heights. A  personal video recorder (PVR) for recording straight from a TV or DVD player, a VGA-quality digital camcorder, plus a 10-megapixel digital still camera, voice recorder and MP3 player... the DV536 does it all.

Expected to ship in July with an MSRP of only $199.99 (U.S.), the Mustek DV536 is certain to spark spontaneous creativity in everyone who uses it. Best of all, because it is no larger than an average cellular phone, the DV536 travels easily, making it the perfect camcorder for capturing everyday magic moments.

“Digital convergence is about giving consumers more of the features they want in a form factor that is compact, easy-to-operate and value priced,” said Bill Nguyen, Director of Marketing & Sales, Mustek. “Our new DV536 embodies the digital convergence ideal. It merges all the fun of a digital camcorder and still camera with a functionality of personal video recorder, opening up a new world of exciting possibilities for consumers to explore, from transferring their favorite DVD onto an SD card to enjoy anytime to making an impromptu movie classic of your own.”

Shoot To Thrill

Built around an advanced 5-megapixel CMOS sensor, the DV536 captures MPEG-4 VGA video at 30 frames per second, resulting in DVD-like movies with amazing image clarity and excellent audio. Once finished, the videos can be shown off on the 2.4 inch LCD, or by uploading via the built-in USB interface onto a Windows® based PC. The high resolution LCD rotates up to 90 degrees for perfect adjustments when sharing video with friends or when framing the subject during recording. Using the included AV out cable, you can even play video on a large TV screen.

Home Theater To Go

The AV cable is also used as connectivity for the PVR. After plugging the DV536 into a TV, VCR, DVD or cable/satellite signal, the user simply hits the “record” button and the integrated software converts that signal into MPEG-4 — no PC required. Television programs and movies can be recorded directly onto the DV536's internal 32MB of memory or onto a SD/MMC card inserted into its card slot. Video can also be uploaded from a digital camcorder so users can watch their home movies alongside the latest Hollywood blockbuster. Recording in Fine quality (640 x 480), the 32MB internal memory holds approximately 18 minutes of video. For Normal quality (320 x 240), the internal memory holds approximately 33 minutes. A 512MB card stores approximately 140 minutes in Fine mode, or 264 minutes in Normal.

Making Multi-Functional More Fun

Extending its capabilities into the realm of digital photography, the DV536 operates as a digital still camera with cool features like a built-in flash (auto/red eye reduction/off), 10X digital zoom, a self-timer, a 8.2mm glass lens and exciting image effects to personalize your snapshots (Negative Art/Sepia/B&W/Solarize/Pastel/Sketch). Four resolutions are available from Super Fine (10MP) 3712 x 2784 to Economical (XGA) 1024 x 768.

Equipped with a built-in microphone, the DV536 also cleanly records digital voice files (WAV), plus can upload those files to a PC. Its internal 32MB of memory records up to 12 hours of voice — perfect for helping harried professionals and overloaded students organize thoughts and ideas.

And just as the DV536 can store video, it can also hold music files — lots of them. With its built-in speaker and headphones, the DV536 is a virtual jukebox playing MP3 tunes in near CD-quality conveniently stored in internal memory or swapped out on SD/MMC cards. Users can jam on the go or plug into larger speakers.

The DV536 comes with camcorder, carrying bag, USB cable, AV cable, installation CD and software, rechargeable Li-Ion battery, power adapter, manual and getting started guide.

Additional information: Visit the Mustek website
June 24, 2006
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