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Arasor, Novalux and Mitsubishi combine new technologies for Laser TV

The Australian company Arasor has developed an optical circuit to be used in a new generation of TVs, the Laser TV. Together with laser specialist Novalux a prototype version of this new technology, using a 52-inch Mitsubishi display, was demonstrated in Sydney. Novalux is the sole inventor and developer of the Necsel technology, a semiconductor laser platform that delivers reliable, high-power light engineered to any wavelength. Furthermore, they have pioneered solid-state RGB sources for projection display...


Visit the Arasor website A new area of focus is providing the optoelectronic solutions that drive laser-based display applications for use in rear projection televisions and digital projectors.

The laser-based displays offer many benefits over traditional light bulb driven displays. These benefits include an increased visible color spectrum which provides for an image that looks like the real world, with all the reds, blues and greens that cannot be replicated by existing television displays.

Necsel-based RPTVs raise home viewing to a new level. From native high-definition images and a lightweight, thin, wide-viewing-angle screen, to an affordable price, laser RPTV has no match on the market. In line with HDTV standards, Necsel laser TV provides 500 nits and 1080p. Also, while current LCD and Plasma RPTVs display approximately 40% of the colors your eyes can see, laser systems display close to 90%—well over twice the color coverage. Side by side comparisons add new meaning to the expression “seeing is believing.”

Additional information: Visit the Arasor website
October 27, 2006
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