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Minox launches Agent M series digital spy cameras

Minox has showed everything the private-eye needs for capturing spontaneous, candid digital images at the Photokina 2008. The Agent M 5 megapixel DSC DigitalSpyCam packs remarkable features into dimensions of just 86 x 29 x 20 mm. The Agent M Digital Sunglasses Camera offers a micro video camera integrated in one earpiece and the other earpiece houses an MP3 player. Also available are the Agent M Digital Belt Camera, that hides a digital video camera inconspicuous in a belt buckle, and the Agent M Digital Pen Camera...


Visit the license-to-shoot websiteAgent M DSC DigitalSpyCam

DSC is the name of the new mini MINOX model: Digital SpyCam. This outstanding masterpiece in minimalist design and photo technology packs remarkable features into dimensions of just 86 x 29 x 20 mm. With a resolution of five million pixels it can compete with traditional digital cameras with ease. The bright viewfinder allows spontaneous, fast shots, even in critical light conditions. In twilight the integrated flash switches on automatically. In total these features make the new DSC a very sound optical notebook.

Agent M Digital Sunglasses Camera

This pair of sunglasses has more than just one surprise in store: a micro video camera is integrated in one of the earpieces and can be controlled via a remote control without attracting attention. The other earpiece houses a MP3 player. The lenses are replaceable, making this ingenious eyewear adjustable to the diopter strength required by the person wearing them.

Agent M Digital Belt Camera

Camouflaged as an inconspicuous belt buckle the MINOX Belt Camera enables videos to be taken without being noticed. The micro-optics are perfectly concealed on the front of this ingenious camera, allowing undercover surveillance to be recorded inconspicuously in 3GP format. The controls are arranged on the underside of the buckle and are within easy reach.

Agent M Digital Pen Camera

This normal-looking pen would appear to be just another ball-point. But hidden behind its clip there's a micro video camera that records video films in AVI realtime format. The high-power microphone is additionally integrated in the chrome-plated clip. A USB port for downloading the videos is built into the front part of the pen.

Agent M Spy Sunglasses 180°

These unusual sunglasses have lenses that are mirror-coated on the inside, at their outer edges. They reflect everything going on behind the back of the person wearing them to allow perfect observation without having to turn around. The new MINOX spy sunglasses are also exactly what they look like, a perfectly normal pair of sunglasses with excellent UV protection.

Additional information: Visit the license-to-shoot website
September 29, 2008
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