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Minox announces the Leica M3 and DD200 with 4.0 million pixels

Minox Germany upgraded their digital replica of the Leica classic camera the Leica M3, with its ultra miniature format it now boasts the attractive feature of 4.0 megapixels,
Minox has also upgraded the stainless steel style Minox DD100 digital camera from 2 to 4 million pixels. The ultra-slim DD200 measures only 94 x 56 x 26 mm...
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A Digital Milestone – The MINOX Classic Camera Leica M3 now with 4.0 Megapixels!

The digital classic camera Leica M3 from the optical and miniaturization specialists MINOX of Germany, has now become a classic of a very special kind on the digital camera scene where it continues to excite many end users, dealers and press alike. "Finding a niche in the constantly growing and increasingly competitive digital camera market“ was, according to MINOX General Manager, Thorsten Kortemeier, the “major goal” set by this traditionally minded company based in Wetzlar. This has been effectively accomplished by MINOX with their digital replica of the Leica classic camera in its ultra miniature format, which now boasts the attractive feature of 4.0 megapixels, providing the user with sharper recorded images and with even more detailed rendition. Naturally, the latest model from MINOX maintains the highly respected and traditional company values of features and fine mechanical precision built into the most compact design.

Although unusual, the MINOX Digital Classic Camera Leica M3 is both easy to use and ideal for those getting started in the field of digital photography and want classic convention rather than high-tec.

Up to 99 images can be recorded on the internal 32 MB memory. The camera includes a USB cable for the convenient and fast transfer of the images onto a PC. The LCD display on the camera back provides information on the number of images left to shoot at any one time.

Anyone who has a liking for exclusive classic design and exceptionally small dimensions will be very attracted to this digital gem from MINOX. The fine detail in the metal impressively enhances the design of the MINOX DCC Leica M3 and make it an unparalleled tool of excellence among the mass of available digital cameras. Its tiny dimensions makes it very pocketable, serving both as a camera and a digital notebook. The optional classic electronic flash perfectly compliments the style and design of this unique camera.

Stainless Steel Style Digital Compact Camera:  The new MINOX DD200 with 4.0 million pixels!

With the MINOX DD200 the optical specialist from Wetzlar, Germany present a new look digital camera. The ultra-slim DD200 with its modern stainless steel look is a perfect addition to the existing range of modern MINOX products: 4 million pixels and a 4x digital zoom are just two key features of this particular camera.

In spite of its extremely compact size of just 94 mm x 56 mm x 26 mm, the new MINOX DD200 sports a 1.5“ TFT colour monitor which enables immediate image assessment both during and after the shot. The fast picture sequence permits spontaneous candid photography whenever you want it. The built-in flash switches on automatically when needed and ensures extra illumination even under critical light conditions.

The optional video recording feature of the new DD200 opens up a completely new area of photography for the user, making it possible to capture those fleeting moments on video as well.
In addition to the internal memory (16 MB), SD cards with a storage of up to 128 MB can be used as well. This offers photographers a greater amount of flexibility with the possibility to record a large number of images.

The camera comes with a USB cable which is used to transfer images quickly and conveniently to a computer. Images can then be touched up on the PC using any commercially available image software and then sent directly to friends and family.

The elegant and slim DD200 is a great companion for many occasions, always ready and waiting to capture those unforgettable moments.

Additional information: Visit the Minox Germany website
September 28, 2004
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