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DiMAGE X31: Thin, Fast and Cool - New X Series with 3.2 MP CCD

Konica Minolta introduces the DiMAGE X31, a follow-on to its DiMAGE X20 / X21. The new camera features 3.2 Mp and comes in a compact, 24.5 mm thick body, which weighs as little as 115 gr. Turn on DiMAGE X31, and the camera is standing by instantaneously, approx. 1.0 sec.-one of the fastest in 3-megapixel digital cameras. With only a 0.1 sec. shutter release time you'll never miss a photo opportunity...


DiMAGE X31 Technical Specifications (PDF)Unterföhring, June 15th, 2004

Konica Minolta introduces the DiMAGE X31, a digital camera that boasts an amazing combination of fast startup speed, thin and stylish design, and intuitive operation in an affordable, 3.2-megapixel, entry-level class model. DiMAGE X31 is a user-friendly, compact digital camera equipped with a Konica Minolta proprietary non-protruding 3X optical zoom that keeps the camera thin, even when the zoom is on. The new release features 3.2-megapixel high picture quality and is one of the slimmest and lightest cameras in its class.

DiMAGE X31 comes in a compact, 24.5 mm thick body, which weighs as little as 115 grams, fitting into your jacket or shirt pocket to follow you wherever you go. Slim and light, it sports high style. Innovative folded optics technology provides a non-protruding lens, so the DiMAGE X31 remains flat when the zoom lens is activated, keeping even your camera-shy subjects at ease while capturing their truly natural look. You can also use the 4X digital zoom in combination with the 3X optical zoom to take shots at up to 12X total zoom.

Turn on DiMAGE X31, and the camera is standing by instantaneously, approx. 1.0 sec.-one of the fastest in 3-megapixel digital cameras. With only a 0.1 sec. shutter release time lag, you'll never miss a photo opportunity.

The GUI (Graphic User Interface) icon-based menu has a launcher type quick-reference control panel, bringing users intuitively simple operation. When users get the urge, or the inspiration, to take those all-important impulse shots, the DiMAGE X31 delivers an easy-to-use snapshot experience in fashionable style.
And, there's no waiting. The independent playback button lets you preview your shots instantly. As easy to use as it looks, the DiMAGE X31 takes users quickly and easily to a wealth of fun picture-taking functions with just a few buttons.

You'll have even more with versatile image editing functions for adding frames (Framing features) or combining two photos (Side by Side). And, for even greater creativity, XR (Extended Recording) movie lets you record movie clips up to the duration of your card's remaining storage capacity.

The DiMAGE X31 offers sound basic performance, and the ability to take photos as close as 10 cm to the subject without having to switch to a separate macro mode.

With fast startup, ease of operation, and unprecedented enjoyment in a compact and stylish package, the DiMAGE X31 offers an affordable chance to jump into the exciting world of digital photography.

Product Highlights

- Thin, stylish body-the camera is a mere 24.5mm thick, even with its non-protruding 3X optical zoom-makes it the ultimate in portable digital photography.
- Amazingly fast start up time-the DiMAGE X31 is ready to use in approx. 1.0 second.
- Users get superb images thanks to the 3 megapixel Konica Minolta proprietary technology.
- Easy to use "launcher type GUI" with icons and simple buttons.
- With CxProcess™ II high-quality image process technology.
- Incorporates the PictBridge feature that enables printing without a PC.
- Additional functions like Framing and Side by Side for even greater creativity.
- Take macro photos, as close as 10 cm, anytime without changing modes.


3x Optical Zoom in a Super-Slim Body
Featuring Konica Minolta's non-protruding zoom lens, the DiMAGE X31's cool outward appearance is maintained even when the zoom is activated. This revolutionary design uses internal folded optics technology, which means that the slim profile of the camera doesn't have to change at all, even while recording. With 3X optical zoom, the camera is just 24.5mm thick (21.5mm thick excluding the LCD monitor) whether carrying or shooting. It's geared to be fast, fun, and versatile to match your lifestyle.

Fast Startup
Thanks to folded optics technology, from the moment you switch the camera on, all you have to do is wait virtually 1.0 second and you're ready to take great pictures. You'll never miss a moment of the action; just turn on the DiMAGE X31 and start shooting away.

Easy and Convenient Operation
The DiMAGE X31 also incorporates a launcher type GUI menu system. The intuitive controls of the GUI mean that you get a comfortable compact digital camera that does all the work for you. Simply press the menu button for the user-friendly GUI icons that let you command all of the DiMAGE X31's settings. There are no complicated settings to be made. The controls are simple and few, making the DiMAGE X31more fun to use.

Select functions with the easy-to-use 5-way controller. It's so intuitive that even technophobes will be enjoying the X31's range of functions in no time.

A few logical operation buttons make the DiMAGE X31 as easy to use as it looks. The icon-based, on-screen menu and 5-way controller combine to give users quick and easy access to a wealth of functions.

Because photos are meant to be admired, the DiMAGE X31 has an independent playback button that brings up your pictures instantly.

Take Extreme Close-ups
The DiMAGE X31 requires no macro mode to take photos up to 10 cm close to the subject. This means you can fill the frame with the incredible detail of flowers or other beautiful but small objects anytime. Since you don't have to change the shooting mode, you'll never miss that perfect shot.

More Functions for More Ways to Enjoy
The DiMAGE X31 brings you even more fun while taking your pictures. Creative functions such as Framing lets you decorate images with frames or borders. Or, you can manipulate and play with your pictures to create unique images. Side by Side, which splices two pictures on the left and right halves of the frame, will have people asking, "How did you do that?"

The self-portrait mirror lets you make sure you're properly framed before taking self-portraits or "two-shots" of you and someone special.

Portrait mode produces more natural skin tones and gives even more detail in things like individual eyelashes and hairs.

Choose from a range of fun image editing functions for your photos: give them a nostalgic look with sepia or black-and-white options, an arty look with the posterization option, or the painted-portrait look with the soft focus option.

XR Movie
The XR (Extended Recording) Movie mode lets you record longer movie clips onto the SD memory card at resolutions of 160 X 120 or 320 X 240 pixels. Just keep on filming until the memory card is full.

Take Your Favorite Photos With You Everywhere
The DiMAGE X31's internal memory stores up to 10 of your favorite photos, which stay there even if you erase the memory card. Viewing these photos requires a special control key combination, so you can keep them to yourself or a few special friends.

Direct Camera-to-Printer Printouts
Forget all about complicated connections with a PC. Get fast, fun printouts directly from your camera by connecting the DiMAGE X31 to a PictBridge*-compliant printer. It is so easy and fast you'll have results in an instant. You can check which image you want to print on the DiMAGE X31 LCD monitor.

*PictBridge is an industry standard established by the Camera & Imaging Products Association (CIPA).

Superbly Clear Images
The CxProcess™ II image processing technology incorporates characteristics like smooth gradations, natural skin tones, and brilliantly clear colors for images that are more natural and lifelike. The DiMAGE X31's 3.2 megapixels capture fine lines and intricate details for stunning digital images.

Runs on Widely Available AA Batteries
The DiMAGE X31 is powered by AA batteries (alkaline, Ni-MH). They're available almost anywhere and offer long life, so you never need to worry about running out of power and missing a photo opportunity.

The DiMAGE X31 is packed with creative options that make digital photography fun. Sophisticated technology and responsive performance make this tiny, stylish camera a joy to use. There are just three things you need to know about the DiMAGE X31; it's cool, easy, and fun.

Additional information: DiMAGE X31 Technical Specifications (PDF)
June 15, 2004
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