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Microsoft unveils details for Ultra-Mobile personal computers

Microsoft releases details on the Ultra-Mobile Personal Computer (or UMPC) project, formerly also known as the mystique Origami project, at the CeBIT 2006 show. The UMPC is smaller, lighter and ultra portable in comparison with notebook PC and features Windows Touch Pack software to optimize the touch screen user interface. With its full function, 7 inch display, a resolution of 800 x 480 and a weight of 2 pounds, the UMPC might become a serious contender for the "Image Viewers", especially as $599-$999 is the price-range...
All about the Ultra-Mobile personal computer project

Q&A on Microsoft's  Ultra-Mobile PC project

Microsoft today unveiled details for Ultra-Mobile Personal Computers (UMPCs), a new category of mobile computing devices that features small, lightweight, carry-everywhere hardware designs coupled with the full functionality of a Microsoft Windows-based PC and a choice of input options, including enhanced touch-screen capabilities. The debut of UMPCs here at CeBIT, the world's largest trade fair showcasing digital IT and telecommunications solutions, follows Microsoft Chairman and Chief Software Architect Bill Gates' call in 2005 for the computer industry to develop a new category of PCs that are less expensive, lighter and more functional. PressPass asked Bill Mitchell, corporate vice president of Microsoft's Windows Mobile Platforms Division, to discuss UMPCs and explain how these new devices are different from other mobile computers.

PressPass: What are Ultra-Mobile PCs?

Mitchell: UMPCs are a new category of mobile PCs designed to support our increasing mobile lifestyles. They support mobile-tuned user interface features such as touch, pen and dedicated buttons as well as keyboards for convenient access to Windows-based applications on-the-go. The extremely mobile nature of these devices, together with the richness of Windows PC technology, combine to create a powerful platform for mobile communications, entertainment, gaming and new scenarios such as location-based services as well. The "Origami" project is really our first step toward achieving a big vision. We believe that UMPCs will eventually become as indispensable and ubiquitous as mobile phones are today. We are working toward that goal with a sequence of advances in hardware and software. Our next step along the roadmap will take place in the Windows Vista release timeframe. But today's UMPCs are a great choice for all those situations when you're on the go, but need to keep informed, entertained and connected via the full functionality of a Windows PC

PressPass: Can you briefly describe the technology behind UMPCs?

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Additional information: All about the Ultra-Mobile personal computer project
March 10, 2006
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