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What's next: a pico projector in your digital camera

Displaytech, leading supplier of Liquid Crystal On Silicon micro displays, announces that it is supplying their products to 13 companies that are developing ultra small image projectors. Companies include projection optics companies and major consumer electronic companies, who manufacture Cell Phones, PDAs, Digital Cameras, Video Projectors and Media Players. The Displaytech micro displays have been selected a.o. because of their small size, only 11.5mm in height and low power consumption...


Checkout the DisplayTech technology pagesCompact, Low-Power Single Panel Microdisplays Deliver Unsurpassed Image Quality for Video, Presentations and Internet Browsing

Displaytech, a leading supplier of liquid crystal on silicon (LCOS) microdisplays, announced today it is supplying product to 13 companies that are developing ultra small image projectors that can be either embedded in or attached as an accessory to personal consumer electronics. The 13 companies include well known projection optics companies and major consumer electronic companies, who sell and manufacture Cell Phones, PDAs, Digital Cameras, Stand Alone Video Projectors and Personal Media Players. The companies are located in Asia, Europe and the US.
The proprietary Displaytech Ferroelectric-LCOS (FLCOS) microdisplays have been selected by these companies to develop ultra small projectors because of their unique characteristics like: small size, only 11.5mm in height; low power, less than 100mW for the FLCOS panel and integrated display controller; and efficient use of LEDs as the light source, thus avoiding the difficult problem of image speckle that comes when lasers are used as a light source. Prototype projectors small enough to be embedded into cell phones are being shown to major consumer electronic companies. Displaytech expects a number of ultra small projectors containing its FLCOS panels to be demonstrated at CES in January 2008. Ultra small projectors will be demonstrated with image resolutions of VGA and SVGA.

"Our customers recognize that by using the Displaytech FLCOS panels there is no need to compromise the design of ultra small projectors. They are able to simultaneously achieve ultra small size and low power while projecting an image that is usable for both video and text, thus opening up broader use models for mobile projection," said Richard Barton, CEO of Displaytech. Under its agreements, Displaytech is not able to release partner names at this time.

About Displaytech

Displaytech, Inc. is enabling the integration of ultra small image projectors in mobile consumer products by providing high switching speed FLCOS microdisplays. The projectors produce brilliant, real-life, digital images from an extremely small package that maximizes the lumens out per watt of input power. Founded in 1985, Displaytech has shipped over 17-million devices to some of the world's premier consumer electronics companies including Kodak, Olympus, JVC, Hitachi, Konica-Minolta, Kyocera and Hewlett-Packard. The company has over 100 granted, licensed and pending patents and has received numerous honors and awards including being ranked as one of the fastest growing technology companies in North America by Deloitte and Touche in 2005.

Additional information: Checkout the DisplayTech technology pages
November 27, 2007
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