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Liquavista launches world's brightest reflective displays

Liquavista has unveiled the world's brightest reflective displays at the Society for Information Displays (SID) exhibition in San Francisco last week. The company is developing displays which allow radically brighter and more efficient flat panels to be built. The performance of the technology makes it well suited to use in mobile applications such as GPS devices, MP3 players, cameras and mobile phones because of the ability to see displays in all lighting conditions combined with the ability to produce low power video display...


Visit the Liquavista websiteFirst product platform “ColorMatch” on show at SID 2006 Exhibition

Liquavista will unveil the world's brightest reflective displays this week at the Society for Information Displays (SID) 2006 symposium in San Francisco. Based on its patented HEOS™ display architecture, Liquavista's first product platform dubbed “ColorMatch,” offers world beating color brightness, with a reflective performance of more than 50% over an unlimited viewing angle.

Available in both low-cost, segmented direct-drive and active-matrix addressed modes, ColorMatch provides revolutionary front-of-screen performance and versatility; with extremely low power, unlimited viewing angle and video-switching capability. In addition, the high reflectivity allows the display to be used in a wide variety of lighting conditions, ranging from a dimly lit office environment to the bright illumination of a sunny day outside.

ColorMatch displays will be available in a wide selection of vividly bright colors suitable for products such as MP3 players, watches, mobile phones, cameras, DVD players and automotive applications. The highly readable, natural displays will help Liquavista's OEM customers vastly improve the product experience of their consumers.

“How many of us have compromised our lifestyles to accommodate screens that don't operate effectively in either poor or strong lighting conditions?” asked Mark Gostick, Liquavista's CEO. “Our technology inaugurates a new world of screens that will revolutionize our lives with displays that are highly visible regardless of our whereabouts.”

The new displays also provide increased battery life because the 50% reflectivity enables lower power usage. “With the increased use of multifunctional products battery life is continually compromised. As products are used more frequently, the backlights quickly drain the battery power and decrease the time between charges”. In a survey conducted by TNS Research*, a twoday battery life was top of the consumers' wish list for future all-in-one phone devices. “Just imagine being able to take a photo and view it immediately in bright sunlight,” stated Gostick. “Liquavista's product range will be able to make this dream become a reality.“

ColorMatch is the first product platform based on Liquavista's HEOS technology; a display is produced using the principles of Electrowetting to create a pixel modulator. The oil is colored with a dye, which enables the creation of a display when different pixels are independently activated to make an image.

Additional information: Visit the Liquavista website
June 10, 2006
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