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The Leica Digilux 3 is the start of the new Leica D system

Leica announces the Leica Digilux 3 digital SLR, with a very strong resemblance to the Panasonic DMC-L1. The Digilux 3 is the first purely digital Leica mirror reflex camera with exchangeable lenses. As the first model of the new Leica D system, the Leica Digilux 3 is fitted with a bayonet lens to the FourThirds Standard, the open systems standard for digital mirror reflex cameras. Together with a high-performance Leica 2.8-3.5/28-100 mm lens, this offers photographer many possibilities for composition of individual pictures...


The Leica Digilux 3 is the start of the new Leica D system - digital camera and photography newsThe new Leica D system gives ambitious amateurs and professional photographers a whole new range of possibilities. The LEICA DIGILUX 3 is the first Digilux camera with an interchangeable lens and therefore forms the basis for the Leica D system, a completely independent digital SLR system. The clear design of the camera housing and the operating concept of the Digilux are in keeping with the best Leica tradition. The shutter speed, focal length, aperture and focus can be set by hand on the camera and the lens - a fast, precise and creative solution in comparison with conventional SLR cameras.

The interplay of Leica's legendary performance and the latest technology is almost revolutionary: the newly designed lens LEICA D VARIO-ELMARIT f/2.8-3.5/14-50 ASPH. combined with state-of-the-art optical image stabilization and a 7.5 megapixel LiveMos sensor result in a magnificent standard of imaging.

High-quality materials and precision craftsmanship ensure that the LEICA DIGILUX 3 will work reliably for many years, even under the tough conditions of reportage photography. The Leica D system is a valuable companion made to last.

The LEICA DIGILUX 3 will be available from the end of October 2006.

Innovative system camera with classic design

Leica stands for photographic tools that concentrate on the essentials and encourage creative users to capture their own view of the world. The LEICA DIGILUX 3 is a fusion of the latest digital technology with the traditional values of superlative image quality, intuitive operation and a timelessly beautiful design. The intuitive operation of this system camera is partly the result of designing all the controls to suit photographers' needs. No nested menus, no complicated technology.

Razor-sharp images

A real première: For the first time, Leica has combined outstanding optical imaging performance with state-of-the-art image stabilization in a D lens. Whenever you want to avoid camera shake, just switch on the image stabilizer (O.I.S.). Integrated in the lens, it ensures sharply focused images in all situations - in twilight, for indoor exposures or in the zoom range. The image stabilizer is a reliable help for exposures taken without a tripod, too.

Excellent overview

You won't miss a thing with the LEICA DIGILUX 3 - whether you look through the optical viewfinder or at the RealtimePreview, which enables real-time assessment of the entire subject and the exposure in the display. Thanks to the ultra fast and highly precise action of the autofocus and the image processing and storage, all important moments can be captured and assessed on the brilliant high-resolution 2.5" display.

All-round cover - inclusive

Accidents can happen - a careless moment, and your valuable camera equipment is ruined. This is no problem with the new LEICA DIGILUX 3: thanks to Leica's Additional Risk Warranty, any damage to the camera and your high-quality lens is insured for the first six months after the purchase date. We repair or replace your equipment with no questions asked. After that you benefit from the manufacturer's warranty which has been extended to three years. The extra guarantee is all part of Leica service. Where else can you find such a good deal?
September 15, 2006
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