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Kyocera Japan announces their long awaited Contax Tvs Digital camera

Kyocera Japan announces their long awaited Contax Tvs Digital camera. This camera was announced at last year's Photokina and was due in the 4Q of 2002. The Tvs Digital comes with a 5 Megapixel CCD, a Carl Zeiss lens with 3x optical zoom and delivers movie mode with sound. The camera uses SD memory cards for storage, a Lithium Ion Battery for power and comes with remote control in silver or black.
Update: European launch at Focus on Imaging Feb. 23
Kyocera Japan announces their long awaited Contax Tvs Digital camera - digital camera and photography news


Kyocera Corporation (President: Yasuo Nishiguchi) will release the new CONTAX Tvs DIGITAL, the first compact digital camera in the CONTAX lineup, on February 20, 2003.
CONTAX Tvs Digital incorporates the Carl Zeiss Vario Sonnar T* 7.3 - 21.9 mm F2.8 - 4.8*1, a 3X optical zoom lens, which is newly developed by Carl Zeiss for digital cameras. The lens features superior gradation performance unique to the Carl Zeiss T* lens. This performance is enhanced by a clear image produced by the T* coating on the lens and a five-megapixel CCD, in combination with a signal processing system which has been developed for this model.
This is a new premium-grade compact digital camera that meets the needs of sophisticated users who require high-quality images combined with a high level of usability that faithfully captures their intentions.
*1) Equivalent to approximately 35 - 105 mm on a conventional 35-mm format camera

Main Features of the Contax Tvs Digital

1. Newly Developed 3X Optical Zoom Lens, Carl Zeiss Vario Sonnar T* 7.3 - 21.9 mm F2.8 - 4.8
Using the latest Carl Zeiss optical technology, we have developed a new 3X optical zoom lens for digital cameras, consisting of six elements in six groups. By effectively allocating the lens components using three aspheric lenses and two high-refractive index glasses, the lens fully compensates for a range of aberrations and exhibits superior image quality up to the corners of the image. The Carl Zeiss original, multi-layered coating, known as T* coating, reduces the flare and ghosting that cause the image quality to deteriorate. These features enable you to take full advantage of the clear, outstanding digital image, the faithful color reproduction of the Carl Zeiss lens and the superb tonal range. Use of the 3X optical zoom with a 4X electronic zoom enables you to shoot up to 12X zoom.

2. Ultra-Fine 1/1.8 Five-Megapixel CCD
The image pickup device incorporates a 1/1.8 five-megapixel CCD with a total of 5,250,000 pixels, using the primary color filter that excels in reproducing colors. The wide dynamic range of this CCD enhances the high gradation performance of the Carl Zeiss lens.

3. Fine Liquid Crystal Daylight Monitor - the TFT color liquid crystal monitor that is bright and easy to see even outdoors in daylight
To create images with a digital camera, an easy-to-see liquid crystal monitor is essential. The CONTAX Tvs DIGITAL incorporates a fine liquid crystal daylight monitor, the TFT color liquid crystal monitor adopting a dual backlight system, which is easy to see even outdoors in the daylight. By allocating a special optical film and exclusive optical waveguide inside the camera, it controls the diffusion and absorption of light entering from outside and uses the light as a reflection. It also incorporates an optical viewfinder that allows you to use it like a silver salt film camera.

4. Hybrid Infrared Filter that Enhances Black Reproduction
Most infrared filters with general coatings have a tendency to create red ghosting. To eliminate this ghosting, we use infrared absorbing glass together with a hybrid system that uses infrared-absorbing coating for different wavelengths in the final stage of the filter. This system removes invisible infrared signals that cannot be removed simply by the infrared filter, and enhances the black reproduction.

5. Large-Capacity Lithium-Ion Battery and Power-Saving Design that Enable You to Shoot and Play Back for Extended Periods
The large battery capacity and power-saving circuits enable you to shoot approximately 260 images*2 when using the liquid crystal monitor. Under continuous playback, the camera can be used for approximately four hours and thirty minutes.
*2) Number of pixels: 2560 x 1920, Image quality: normal, Flash use 50% (Kyocera test conditions)

6. System of Controls that Allows You to Operate the Camera as a Flexible Tool for Creating Images
The system of controls is based on the concept of "intuitive functionality by seeing, touching and operating." The system includes a menu system that enables you to make your selection while viewing the liquid crystal monitor. The controls are designed to facilitate performing the main operations quickly with your right thumb while shooting. Furthermore, the menu screen is classified into three functional groups: the frequently used +/- W/B ISO (for exposure compensation and white balance), C.MENU (to set the shooting functions, such as switching the light metering mode) and D.MENU (to configure the settings specific to digital cameras, such as sharpness and chroma). This system makes it simple and easy to operate the multiple functions of the digital camera. The REC Review button is separately installed for replaying back images that have just been shot, without switching the camera to the Playback mode. This feature enables you to check the images you have taken, at a larger size so you can check the focus or delete unnecessary images.

7. Moving Image with Audio Function and After-Recording Function for Still Image
The camera facilitates shooting moving image with audio at 15 frames/second for up to 120 seconds, with an image size of 160 x 120 pixels. The recoded file is in the AVI format and can easily be played back on the camera itself or on a personal computer*3. The after-recording function for still images allows you to record 30 seconds of audio, such as data relating to the image.
*3) To play back the file on a personal computer, it is necessary to install QuickTime 4.1 or later.

8. A Various Range of Shooting Options, such as the Macro Mode for 15-cm Close-Up Photography
The camera incorporates a macro mode (with the zoom position fixed to "Wide"), which allows you to photograph the subject at a minimum of 15 cm from the CCD. You can shoot in a range of approximately 102 mm x 76 mm. It also has a wide range of shooting functions, including five flash modes, landscape mode, color mode, white balance selection, sharpness and chroma. Exposure compensation is available as well.

9. Function for Installing Your Favorite Start Screen
The camera incorporates a function that allows you to install your favorite start screen. You can use any image that you have taken with the CONTAX Tvs DIGITAL for the start screen. The screen appears whenever you turn on the power to the camera.

10. Two Setup Modes for You to Set Up the Camera as You Like
There are two setup modes, SET-UP C, which allows you to change the camera functions, such as the flash home position and the width of exposure compensation, and SET-UP D, which allows you to change the digital functions such as the volume of sound alerts, the electronic zoom, the start screen and so on. The setup modes allow you to configure the camera as you like.

11. Optimum Materials for Durability
Apart from being a camera for taking photos, it is important for you to be able to enjoy using the camera and to be proud of the camera for a long time. For this reason, the camera body is made of titanium, which is the metal best suited to lightness, strength and outstanding anti-corrosion. The viewfinder is a zoom viewfinder of a real imaging system and it incorporates a dioptric adjustment system of +1 to -3diop.

12. Remote Shutter Release from Either the Front or Back of the Camera
The camera incorporates a remote control*4 for use with a tripod to prevent the camera from moving when taking landscapes or using long exposure settings.
*4) Up to about four meters from the front of the remote receiver and up to one meter from the front of the eyepiece section of the viewfinder at the back of the camera.

13. Body colors available, classy titanium black as well as silver
CONTAX Tvs DIGITAL Titanium Black has a dignified dark appearance while highlighting the feeling of the titanium. This is created by the surface treatment of applying titanium nitride coating on the titanium body cover. Moreover, this surface coating enhances the anti-corrosion, anti-abrasion and hardness of the surface.

14. Optional accessory
As an optional accessory, a quick battery charger, the Kyocera battery charger BC-2 is available (recommended retail price: 6,000 yen plus tax).
February 15, 2003
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