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Kyocera Japan announces the new KYOCERA Finecam SL300R

In the battle for the smallest digital camera, Kyocera Japan has announced a fast, innovative and thin camera, the new SL300R with a swivel body, somewhat like the one we have seen with the Nikon Coolpix SQ and a thickness of only 15 mmThe camera is capable of shooting 3.5 images per second The Finecam S5R will now be available for the Japanese market only...
Kyocera Japan announces the new KYOCERA Finecam SL300R - digital camera and photography news


Note that this press release is a system translated version of the Kyocera Japan release

Announcement day: September 12, 2003

the world fastest full memory  and the world full flat body with a thickness of 15mm to which KYOCERA CORP. (president : west entrance Yasuo) is made as for high-speed  (about 3.5 tops / second) of until memory card capacity full in the "KYOCERA Finecam" series of a compact digital camera, and a lens part -- rotating -- hurrah --" in which MINGU is free -- easy -- hurrah, since "KYOCERA Finecam SL300R" which realized MINGU body" will be put on the market from the end of September, I

"KYOCERA Finecam S5R" put on the market in August, this year -- the world fastest full memory  was similarly made possible by having carried the new image-processing processor "RTUNE (R CHUN)" at "KYOCERA Finecam SL300R" since until [ memory card capacity full ] high-speed is made, cannot miss a momentary expression in a scene with the motion for which photography was difficult until now, and it can be photoed
Moreover, since it is the full flat body of 15mm of world, it excels in the portability at the time of receipt. on the other hand, comfortable [ looking at a liquid crystal display monitor regardless of a high angle, a low angle, and which macroscopic photography situation by rotating a lens part at the time of photography ] -- hurrah, MINGU is possible
Furthermore, high-speed operation of shutter time lag about 0.07 seconds, and industry top class was also realized less than 1 second the starting time of a camera.

*1) In as of August 1, 2003, and a compact digital camera
*2) In an as [ of August 1, 2003 ], and optical zoom lens loading compact digital camera

This product is a Japanese convention center (Makuhari Messe) from September 17 to the 20th.
I send to the greatest digital synthesis exhibition "WPC EXPO 2003" in Asia held.

■ The background of development

the number of full force loading platforms of the digital camera in the 2003 fiscal year (domestic shipment, export meter) -- an opposite -- * it is expected to be to become 152.5% compared with last year of 37,440,000-set market -- 3 The maker is asked for breaking in further and filling each of a user's colorful needs from now on although spread in the market of a digital camera is continuing sudden expansion so far.
KYOCERA aimed at the further evolution of a compact digital camera from three sides, such as "portable" improvement by things for which  is raised further, such as aperformance and starting time, and thin-shape-izing of a camera body, and improvement in the "design nature" based also on the operation side.

*3) It is based on the shipment prospect amendment announcement in the 2003 fiscal year of camera visual equipment Semiconductor Equipment & Materials International (CIPA).

■ Product outline
Brand name  KYOCERA Finecam SL300R  
Body color  Silver, light blue, red  
Sale day  The end schedule of 2003 year 9 month  
Standard price  Open price  
Selling target (domestic, overseas meter)  50,000 sets/month  
The main contents of a set  A main part, a camera case, PC connection cable (USB cable), a lithium ion battery pack, AC adapter, a hand strap, CD-ROM (driver software), picture managed software "Kodak Easy Share"  

■ Sales promotion measure
? advertising deployment
"-- 連写(ing) -- an instant -- as -- photographing . By catch copy called Stream Shot (stream shot)", advertising deployment of CM televising centering on our company offer TV program frame, a traffic advertisement, etc. will be carried out from the end of September.
The campaign which can choose ? body color is carried out.
The "Strem Shot 9COLORS campaign" which can change a body color into the color (an orange, green, pink, blue, yellow, or a charcoal) of liking by the period limitation from sale to October 31 for the direction for which "KYOCERA Finecam SL300R" (silver, light blue, red) subscribed after purchase is carried out.

The main features of  KYOCERA FinecamSL300R

1. New Image-Processing Processor "RTUNE" Loading

The => world fastest full memory  is realized.
"KYOCERA Finecam SL300R" realized full memory in about 3.5 tops / second by the highest quality of image. Also in the time of , real time is followed and a photography scene can be displayed with a liquid crystal display monitor. If the child, a pet and an athletic meet, the exhibition, etc. also photo in  the photographic subject and situation with a motion which a momentary expression cannot catch easily, only a best shot required after photography can be elected. It is the photography style which harnessed the merit of a digital camera no one but.

* Full memory is  of until memory card capacity full, and possible ( speed changes with photography conditions, a camera setup, and memory card states.) at the time of high-speed SD memory card use with a transmission speed of 10MB [/second ] or more Moreover, memory card capacity may remain depending on a photography picture.

High-speed operation of => industry top class is realized.
High-speed operation of shutter time lag about 0.07 seconds, and industry top class was realized less than 1 second starting time. Without the time of photography feeling the stress by waiting time at the time of a power supply ON, at the moment of wanting to photograph, the moment of aiming is caught exactly and can be photoed.

=> -- abundant gradation expression is realized
An image-processing processor "RTUNE" consists of an analog front end and a digital processor, and after it performs color balance adjustment of RGB by the analog front end first, it carries out digital signal conversion (A/D conversion) of the analog data which received by CCD.
In this A/D conversion, internal processing is performed by 16 bits and it is sent to the following digital processor as 12-bit digitized data. Since the digital processor which received digitized data creates the last image data at high speed and outputs it outside, digitized data creation in a low noise realizes it. By reducing thoroughly the various noises generated in a digital image, plain color reappearance and abundant gradation expression were attained.

2. 15mm of world . "[ which a lens part rotates ] easy hurrah -- MINGU body"
a zoom lens loading compact digital camera -- the world --  the full flat body with a thickness of 15mm was realized It is thin, and since it is a full flat, it could contain also in a chest pocket or the back easily, and they are equipped with preeminent portability.
moreover," which a lens part rotates -- easy -- hurrah, MINGU body" is comfortable in various photography scenes -- hurrah, MINGU is possible if a rotation lens is turned to a oneself side, while a monitoring screen will also switch to a right statue and a monitor will be checked in the self portrait which photos itself -- hurrah, MINGU similarly, delicate [ low angle / a high angle, ] -- hurrah, a monitor part is united with a photography person's legible angle by rotating a lens part, in case MINGU is required macro photography -- hurrah, MINGU is possible
The stylish full flat design which stuck the aluminum panel which gave spin processing to the front portion is made to appearance.

3. Optical [ 3 Times as Many as this ] Zoom Lens of High Resolution, and Newly Developed Digital Zoom Loading
By 17.4mm looking far (it is about 38mm to about 115mm by 35mm seal camera conversion), the high resolving optical [ 3 times as many as this ] zoom lens which realized 200 or more projection resolution/mm of the central part is carried from the wide angle with a focal length of 5.8mm.
Furthermore, if the newly developed digital 2 double zoom which suppressed quality-of-image degradation as much as possible is used together, it is possible to take a photograph as zoom a maximum of 6 times. It is possible to digital [ 8 times as many as this ] zoom also at the time of reproduction.
4. Highly Minute and Smooth Animation Photography Function with VGA Sound
highly minute and smooth VGA size (640x480 pixels) and an animation with 30 sounds/second -- easy operation -- until [ capacity full ] photography of memory card -- it can do *4
The file recorded is AVI form and can be easily reproduced with a personal computer besides the liquid crystal display monitor of the main part of a camera (4.1 or more QuickTime installation is required for reproduction with * personal computer).

*4) Animation photography of until memory card capacity full is possible at the time of high-speed SD memory card use with a transmission speed of 10MB [/second ] or more (photography time changes with photography conditions, a camera setup, and memory card states.).

5. Scene Mode Loading Which Can Perform Simply Photography Setup United with Photography Scene
According to seven kinds of photography scenes, a "standard", a "sport", a "portrait", a "night view", a "night view portrait", a "broad view", and a "distant view", the scene mode in which a camera performs the optimal photography setup is carried. It can set up easily with a scene button.

6. "Original starting screen setting functional" loading which can set a favorite picture as a starting screen
The "original starting screen setting function" in which the photoed picture can be set as the screen at the time of camera starting is carried. Since the picture set up whenever it turned ON the power supply appears, a feeling of attachment is offered as its own love machine by setting up favorite pictures, such as himself, and a family, a pet.

7. Resizing Function Which Can be Miniaturized so that Photography Picture Can be Easily Treated on Personal Digital Assistant Etc.
It is possible to change into 320x240 or the picture size of 160x120, and to save the picture of the big file size after photography so that it may be easy to treat by personal digital assistants and E-mails, such as PDA, (resizing). The area to resize can be chosen from three sorts of the "whole" picture and "area [ one fourth of ]" - "1/16 of area", and carries out area selection with the selection button of cross arrangement. When it is used combining PDA which carried SD memory card slot, it can reproduce easily in the picture size suitable for the liquid crystal screen size of PDA.

8. TFT Color Liquid Crystal Display Monitor Legible Also at Time of Fine Weather "Day Fine Liquid Crystal Display Monitor"
In order to cancel hard to see [ of the liquid crystal display monitor in the outdoors at the time of fine weather ], regardless of the day-and-night place, the bright and legible 1.5 type penetration / reflective combined use type TFT color liquid crystal display monitor "a day fine liquid crystal display monitor" was carried.

9. Interface with Personal Computer
When downloading mass image data to a personal computer, it is attached in the convenient USB cable. Since it is USB mass strike REJI class correspondence, high-speed reading of a picture has become possible on the personal computer, and it can reproduce without stress like a hard disk. Moreover, it can be used without installation of a driver except Windows 98 and 98 SE, being able to insert a direct USB cable.
September 12, 2003
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