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Kyocera issues Service Advisory on CCD problems

Kyocera Japan is the next manufacturer to issue a Service Advisory on the CCD image problems. Owners of Kyocera S5R, S5, S3L or Contax TVS Digital cameras that exhibit these problems can return their camera for repair even if the warranty is expired.

As Kyocera has stopped marketing these cameras in the US and Europe, they have transferred the service responsibility to national third-party companies and it might therefore take a while before we'll see service advisories here...
Link to the original press release from Kyocera Japan

Below you'll find a system translated press release from the Kyocera Japan website

S5R, S5, S3L and TVS DIGITAL to customer of regular use
Case of the guarantee period extension which the apology it informs distantly and (accompanies CCD breakdown)

October of 2005 18th - Optical instruments business headquarters

From always, the Kyocera make digital camera Finecam, the CONTAX series regular use, thank you for truly.

This time, the declared digital camera Finecam S5R, at portion of 4 types of S5, S3L, and CONTAX TVS DIGITAL, because of trouble of the CCD which is loaded onto the product, the LCD picture is disordered, the phenomenon that occurred normal photographing becomes impossible.
When this kind of condition occurs, extending the guarantee period of corresponding place, being gratuitous, you repair.
Does applying annoyance very much we apologize deeply.

* Defective phenomenon
In the case of photographing, the LCD picture (the picture of the liquid crystal picture) is not indicated by the electric connected defectiveness of the CCD, it becomes the display image which is not normal such that noise occurs, it is the condition that it is times when normal photographing becomes impossible.

* Defective cause
The image pickup element which is loaded onto the product (the CCD), those which in the reason with respect to one time manufacturing process have variation in quality were produced. When this part the long period of time is exposed to the environment of hot much moisture, there are times when the electric connected defectiveness occurs, there are times when above-mentioned condition occurs.

* Corresponding type
Finecam S5R, 4 type of S5, S3L and CONTAX TVS
* Correspondence
Regarding to the corresponding product, when it is the breakdown this CCD with cause, extending the period of the gratuitousness repair with our company guarantee stipulation,
At our company service sector, you execute gratuitous repair.
Guarantee period makes 5 years of possession time limit of part for repair of object type. Guarantee period is as follows.

Finecam S3L February of 2008
Finecam S5 March of 2008
Finecam S5R February of 2009
CONTAX Tvs DIGITAL December of 2009

* Regarding this case ahead
the inquiring At the below-mentioned customer aspectual talks room you receive concerning inquiry such as the question regarding this case.

[ Customer aspectual talks room ]
Kyoto city Fushimi Ku Taketa Toba lord town 6
TEL: 0077-78-0500 (no charge) acceptance time 9:00 - 19:00
Saturday, Sunday, we accept also holiday.
FAX: 0077-78-0501 (no charge)

Additional information: Link to the original press release from Kyocera Japan
October 19, 2005
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