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The Konica Revio KD-500Z - top model of the series with a 5.0 megapixel resolution

The Konica Revio KD-500Z - top model of the series with a 5.0 megapixel resolution - digital camera and photography news


Tokyo (September 24, 2002) – Konica Corporation has launched an exciting new addition to its acclaimed Konica Digital Revio series—the Konica Digital Revio KD-500Z. This new top-end digital camera, the world's smallest digital camera in the 5.0-megapixel, optical 3x zoom class (as of August 2002), will be introduced at Photokina, being held from September 25 to 30 in Colonge, Germany

The Konica Digital Revio series of digital cameras are equipped with high-resolution lenses that incorporate Konica's renowned optical technologies, together with CCDs that offer unparalleled image capture quality. Among the diverse features common to the Revio series are an LCD monitor and movie function. The result is a combination of the enjoyment of conventional photography quality with the versatile functionality that only digital cameras can provide. Moreover, all these outstanding features and functions are embodied in classy, compact designs.

The Konica Digital Revio KD-500Z is equipped with a 5.36-megapixel CCD that provides detailed image quality and faithful color reproduction that is on a par with silver-halide photographs. A sliding lens cover and stainless steel exterior further add to the impressive look of this new model. Its ultraslim body is enabled by the compact design of its optical 3x zoom Hexanon lens. Its ultrahigh-resolution CCD boasts 5.0 million effective pixels (5.36 megapixels in total), and employs Konica's original hybrid adaptive A-IPS computation program to offer unparalleled image reproduction quality. Like the KD-310Z and KD-400Z before it, the KD-500Z features the popular SD/MS Dual Memory Slot, enabling the user to record on two of the world's most popular storage media: the SD Memory Card and the Memory Stick. Start-up time has also been reduced to an incredible 1.3 seconds.

The KD-500Z also features advanced new key custom modes, such as AE Lock and AF Lock, bringing it even closer to SLR cameras in terms of shooting spontaneity and ease of use. It also offers manual settings for exposure correction and white balance, which are easily engaged at the press of a button. Additional features include monochrome photo and continuous shot functions, while the maximum length of moving picture sequences has been extended to 30 seconds. The Macro mode enables the taking of shots as close as 6cm from the subject. Performance has also been further enhanced, with only 2 seconds between shots, and a digital 3x zoom lens.

Another innovation is the brilliant Green LED, which lights up during Start-up and in Self-timer mode, making photography more interesting by keeping the people being photographed informed of the photo-taking status.

The KD-500Z features a refined metallic black body color. Loaded with practical functions and offering superlative performance, it is the pride of the Konica Digital Revio series, bringing the integration of excellent photo quality with the ease and convenience of digital to an advanced level. It is ideal for users who demand high-image-quality photos in a digital environment, since its images are transferable to a PC for editing or website use. The KD-500Z is also perfect for those who wish to make prints of their images, because its quality parallels that of silver halide photos. We believe that the KD-500Z will attract support from more people than ever, especially among high-end users.

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September 22, 2002
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