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The Konica Revio C2 -  the lightest digital camera of the world  in "credit card" format

The Konica Revio C2 -  the lightest digital camera of the world  in "credit card" format - digital camera and photography news


Tokyo (September 24, 2002) -- Konica Corporation is pleased to announce a new addition to its digital camera lineup. The Konica Revio C2, featuring 1.2-megapixel resolution image capture in the world's lightest*, ultra-slim “card-sized” body, will be launched at the Photokina 2002 to be held from September 25 to 30 in Cologne, Germany.
* Among megapixel-class digital still cameras with LCD monitor (as of August 2002)

The Konica Revio C2 is extremely thin and compact—hence the “card-size” reference—yet it is powered by two widely available AAA alkaline batteries. The design is simple and stylish, the use of metal on the exterior casing giving a classy appearance. The sliding lens cover also acts as the power switch.

The 1.2-megapixel resolution of the Revio C2 offers high image quality, making it ideal for people wanting to send images as e-mail attachments or upload images to websites. The CMOS image sensor is also noted for its energy efficiency, allowing users to get the most out of their batteries. The camera is ready for action just over one second after it is switched on. The release time lag—from pressing the shutter button to actual completion of the shot—has also been shortened, so users can quickly and easily take any shot hey like, the instant they feel like it.

The Revio C2 is packed with a range of practical shooting and playback functions. In addition to Close-up mode, which enables the taking of shots as close as 30cm to the subject, there are several flash modes. You can also take moving pictures up to 10 seconds in duration. The digital 2x zoom puts even more creative power in your hands. All this functionality, and more, is packed into a surprisingly slim, compact body. Despite its tiny size, the Revio C2 has a 1.6-inch LCD monitor, allowing users to easily select the desired mode from the on-screen menu. It's so simple that even first-timers can master this digital camera almost immediately.

The Revio C2 slips easily into pocket or handbag, so it can be taken anywhere. Captured images can be transferred to a PC for transmission via e-mail or to websites. Only digital cameras offer such convenience and simplicity. Moreover, in addition to offering users the joy of photography, the Revio C2 is an excellent daily communication tool. We believe it will win the hearts of a wide range of users, especially younger people who enjoy mixing photo images with PCs and the Internet.

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September 22, 2002
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