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The Konica RX-3: a Fast, High-Definition Film Scanner for Professional Use

The Konica RX-3: a Fast, High-Definition Film Scanner for Professional Use - digital camera and photography news


Tokyo (September 24, 2002) – Konica Corporation is proud to announce the introduction of a new high-speed, high-image integrity film scanner for professionals, the Konica Film Scanner for Professional RX-3, for the European market at the Photokina 2002, to be held from September 25 to 30 in Cologne, Germany.

The RX-3 is the successor to well received RX-II. Compared with the RX-II, its average scan time is 30 percent quicker, or two seconds per frame, greatly increasing file transfer speed. It can consecutively scan negative 135-size film and Advanced Photo System (APS) film at five selectable resolutions, with a maximum resolution of 2,200 dpi (dots per inch).

It is bundled with the image filing utility “IMAGEFIT FOR RX-3” which uses the global standard sRGB to makes scans more vivid and beautiful. The new scanner also automates color density correction using a digital one-channel algorithm. Adding this new scanner as an input source to the simple-to-operate Konica Digital PROSSIMO Photo System, will generate new business opportunities by being able to offer CD-R burning services and value-added design photo printing. Just a few of the many possible creative end uses are the editing of school photo albums and accompanying CD albums, editing construction photos and CD burning, creating original CD wedding albums with music, and designing web-page contents with photos.

With a more compact body than its predecessor, this highly sophisticated scanner is ideal for business and design center use.

Along with the surging penetration of personal computers and the Internet, the photographic industry is also rapidly expanding in the area of digital imaging. The number of professionals using digital images in their daily business is increasing rapidly, and they are demanding quick and easy access to higher quality, higher resolution images. The Konica Film Scanner RX-3 meets these demands with its fast scanning speeds and continuous scanning. Together with its ultra-high resolution, it is perfect for such professional users.

Main features of the Konica Film Scanner for Professional RX-3

High-speed, continuous scanning
The new scanner enables ultra-high-speed continuous scanning of 135 and IX240-size film at a rate of approximately 2 seconds per frame (image transmission time is not included) at standard/fine resolution. Operation is very easy ­ just insert a film sleeve or long-roll film into a special carrier, and large volume of photos are effortlessly converted into a digital image database.

Very high-quality image scanning
A newly developed digital one-channel algorithm allows the RX-3 to automatically correct color density to ensure natural looking images. It is bundled with the image filing utility “IMAGEFIT FOR RX-3” which uses the global standard sRGB to ensure scanned images are more vivid and beautiful. Manual adjustment of color balance is also possible. Moreover, sharpness, gray balance, image rotation, and cropping can also be adjusted or changed manually by following on-screen guides. To improve scanning efficiency, a sequential file name is automatically allocated to every image that is scanned.

In addition, Konica's original image correction software, the popular “Konica PC DARK ROOM” (a Photoshop Plug-in), is included in the package. It enables quick, easy image corrections such as removing scratches, dust, noise, and horizontal lines.

Compact body enhances its versatility
The compact design and high functionality of this desktop scanner makes it ideal for use in photo studios, photo shops, businesses and design offices.

Compatible with Windows 98, NT4.0, 2000, XP and Mac OS9
The RX-3 can be connected via its SCSI2 interface to any personal computer running Windows 98, NT4.0 or 2000, as well as Mac OS9*. This wide compatibility with major operating systems make the RX-3 an excellent image input device in various business scenarios, from small and home offices to large LAN-connected office environments.
(*IMAGEFIT is for Windows. The MAC version is bundled with Twain importing driver software)

These outstanding features make the RX-3 an ideal scanner for digital photo service shops, and any business that works with editing digital images for Internet content, ID card services, educational, medical and research uses.
September 25, 2002
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