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The new 6 megapixel Konica Minolta Dynax5D / Maxxum5D digital SLR

Following Konica Minolta's entry in the digital SLR market with the Dynax7D / Maxxum7D the company today announces the new Konica Minolta Dynax5D / Maxxum5D with an even smaller and lighter design. The new six megapixel digital SLR unites Anti-Shake technology and smooth operation into a lightweight compact design, a large 2.5-inch color LCD and a Digital Subject Program Selector, for optimum exposure & processing of five common photo scenes...
Konica Minolta Dynax5D / Maxxum5D Features & Specifications (PDF)


Dynax5D / Maxxum5D: High-Performance Digital SLR Camera Unites Body-Integral Anti-Shake Technology and Smooth Operation into a Lightweight Design

Following the release of the highly acclaimed Konica Minolta Dynax7D/ Maxxum7D comes the new Konica Minolta Dynax5D/Maxxum5D, a high-performance interchangeable-lens digital SLR camera that combines Konica Minolta's advanced technologies and greater ease of use into an even smaller and lighter design.

The Dynax5D/Maxxum5D ensures photo-imaging excellence using Konica Minolta's proprietary Anti-Shake technology, which employs an exclusive CCD-Shift mechanism to compensate for blurring caused by camera shake - even when taking photos in dimly lit scenes, in natural light with a telephoto lens, or in macro shots where extra stability is vital for a sharp shot. This innovative Anti-Shake technology not only provides the equivalent correction effect with a shutter speed 2 to 3 stops slower*², but also compatibility with any Dynax/Maxxum system lenses*¹.

Boasting more than high performance, this digital SLR camera also features an ideal, compact design with a high-quality, stylish, and lightweight construction. Rubberized grips make it highly tactile and easy to handle and hold.

The Dynax7D/Maxxum7D ensures images of exceptional quality with a large, 6.1-megapixel (effective) CCD sensor, an Advanced LSI engine for high-speed image processing, as well as Konica Minolta's CxProcess™ III image processing technology, an original technology highly acclaimed for rendering fine image detail and stunning color rendition.

Offering a better view for better pictures, the camera boasts a large 2.5-inch color LCD that provides simple navigation through easy-to-use on-screen menus and set-up options. The LCD makes camera control even easier, displaying detailed camera settings as well as captured images.

For even greater convenience and ease of use, the Dynax5D/Maxxum5D includes an Digital Subject Program Selector, which automatically designates an optimum exposure and image-processing program for five commonly used photo scenes.

The Dynax5D/Maxxum5D also offers a comprehensive range of easy-to-use functions that allow precision adjustments of all camera settings whatever the shooting situation. While high-performance functions satisfy the demanding and creative techniques of photography enthusiasts, the camera has at its core ease of use and simple operation with a basic level of control that makes it ideal even for novice users.

Features & Specifications (PDF)

Additional information: Konica Minolta Dynax5D / Maxxum5D Features & Specifications (PDF)
July 15, 2005
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