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Kodak unveils the latest evolution of its brand logo

Just as consumer desires drove photography evolution during the past 125 years, today's consumers are defining the rules that will drive the future of digital imaging, said Perez, Kodak's Chairman and CEO. At the same time he unveiled the latest evolution of the Kodak logo. This new look moves the Kodak name out of the traditional yellow box; for a more contemporary design, a streamlined rounded look and distinctive letters. This is the latest step in the company's transformation, which reflects the multi-industry, digital imaging leader Kodak has become...

The evolution of the Kodak Logo

Circa 1907
Kodak is the first company to integrate its name and look into a symbol.

Circa 1935.
Focus moves to the Kodak name and the red and yellow trade dress color.

The corner curl is introduced.

Kodak adds more complexity to the mark. It still had red and yellow and the Kodak name, but a box and graphic "K" element is added.

A more contemporary type font was used to streamline the Kodak name within the existing logo.

The box is gone, simplifying the logo. The rounded type font and distinctive "a" give the Kodak name a more contemporary look.

January 9, 2006
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