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Kodak releases DCS Pro 14n Firmware version 4.4.3

Kodak has released new firmware version 4.4.3 for the DCS Pro 14n. Fixes in this firmware are:
- Focal length reporting and adjusted automatic lens selection for some lenses.- SD/MMC card formatting  Issue with Job Tracker files
- Changed in camera Digital Exposure Correction range
… and 4.4.3 offers various new features too
Additionally DCS Photo Desk V3.2 is now available...


Download firmware 4.4.3 (registration required)Issues addressed in 4.4.3 Firmware
Fixed focal length reporting when using some zoom lenses.
Adjusted automatic lens type selection for some lenses.
Fixed minor issue with selecting Job Tracker files from memory.
Fixed SD/MMC card formatting issue.
Changed in camera Digital Exposure Correction range limit on JPEG images to +/– 1EV.

New Features in 4.4.3 Firmware
Added "Longer" exposure feature. See "User Interface" section for details. Longer exposure Images captured at ISO 6 will require DCS Photo Desk v3.2 or later to open.
Added a camera mirror Prerelease feature to the Custom Functions "CSM" menu. Note that there is a maximum shutter speed of 1\125th second when using Mirror Prerelease.
Improved color LCD image display characteristics.
Added Wedding Look and Event Look selections to the Look menu.
DCS Wedding Look - Based on our "DCS Product" look but with enhanced shadow detail. DCS Event Look – Based on our "DCS Product High Color Hold" look but with enhanced shadow detail. Note: Along with the DCS Custom Looks, these software profiles mirror the look of films, filters, and other darkroom effects. Using these ICC profiles, photographers can offer clients more color tonal options when trying to match merchandise or flesh tones. DCS Custom Looks are applied to images with KODAK PROFESSIONAL DCS Photo Desk and DCS Capture Studio software applications. DCS Custom Looks, CAT 893 3194, is available for purchase from authorized dealers. To see examples of DCS Custom Looks visit our DCS Custom Looks web page.
Enabled Camera LCD review when tethered to a host computer.
Added the Auto Review feature to the Review Menu allowing the automatic display of each image captured image LCD after each capture. Settings for the feature include OFF, 3 seconds, 5 seconds and 10 seconds.
Added the Slide Show feature to the review menu allowing the selection of a Single Loop or Continuous Loop slide show. The images to be displayed in the show and the display time for each image can also be adjusted. Slide shows can be displayed on the camera's LCD and on an External Video monitor using the camera's External Video feature.
Simplified the External Video feature. All settings for the External Video feature have been consolidated on the Display Menu Tab under External Video. The settings are now Off, NTSC and PAL. Selecting NTSC or Pal will activate the External Video signal through the Video Out port.
Added support for the storage and deletion of multiple Job Tracker files in the cameras memory. The Job Tracker function will now allow up to 5 user selectable Job Tracker files to be stored from a memory card into the camera's non-volatile memory. Job Tracker files stored in the camera's memory can be deleted from the camera using the Delete Files option from the Job Tracker's Load sub menu.
Improved the Display Contrast adjustment. The LCD contrast adjustment can now be adjusted for both brightness and contrast. Note the addition of the vertical brightness slider and the horizontal contrast slider when the display contrast feature is selected.
Buttons on the back of the camera are now disabled when the cameras shutter button is soft pressed to reduce inadvertent activation of the cameras color LCD.
Added Korean Language.
Enhanced lens optimization support to include additional lenses.

What's New in DCS Photo Desk V3.2
An interactive Exposure and Tone dialog with exposure histogram and shadow, highlight, and mid-tone adjustments.
A Color Balance dialog with red, green and blue sliders for fine-tuning color balance.
The Exposure and Tone, Exposure Compensation, White Point, Color Balance, Noise Reduction and Sharpening dialogs have Preview checkbox to allow you to see changes to the selected images without closing the dialog or whenever you change a control.
The Image Info window is resizable.
Thumbnails from JPEG images created by DCS 720X, DCS 760C, DCS Pro Back, and DCS Pro 14n cameras are displayed at a higher resolution.
The minimum recommended display resolution has been increased from 800 by 600 to 1024 by 768.
The DCSEvent and DCSWedding look settings available in DCS Pro 14n firmware version 4.4 are honored.
The Macintosh version has a separate Open As Contact Sheet command.
The Macintosh version provides Undo and Redo commands for all image editing and renaming commands.
The Windows version has an option in the Preferences dialog to control the docking of tool windows.

Additional information: Download firmware 4.4.3 (registration required)
November 3, 2003
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