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Kodak announces three new digital cameras at the CES

Kodak announced a suite of new products at the CES 2008. The Kodak Easyshare V1273 digital camera offers new touch screen technology, simplifying picture taking, reviewing and editing. The camera features a resolution of 12-megapixel, 3x optical zoom camera and a 3-inch LCD touch screen. The M1033 is a thin and stylish, 10-megapixel camera with a 3x optical zoom lens and a regular 3-inch wide-angle LCD screen. Update: Checkout this article for a complete overview of the new Kodak digital cameras...


Visit Kodak's digital camera websiteKodak Unveils a Robust Portfolio of High Definition Digital Cameras Featuring Touch Screen Technology and a New Addition to its Revolutionary All-in-One Printer Line – Now with Facial Retouch Software

Kodak today announced a suite of new products that once again delivers on the company's enduring brand promise of making photography easy and enjoyable - this time with smart digital technology that encourages consumers to explore their creativity without compromising on image or print quality.

“With our new products launched today at CES, Kodak is continuing to innovate and introduce smart technology that delivers on the promise of ‘you press the button, we do the rest,'” said Pierre Schaeffer, Chief Marketing Officer, Kodak's Consumer Digital Imaging Group. “For 120 years, Kodak has helped consumers capture life-long memories and now, in this digital age, it all comes to life in high definition on HD displays, wireless picture frames and big bright prints - easily, affordably and without compromise.”

The KODAK ESP 3 All-in-One Printer continues to change the way the world prints at home by offering the latest in design and technology, providing high quality picture and document output, saving people up to 50 percent on everything they print compared to similar consumer inkjet printers*. The KODAK ESP 3 All-in-One Printer offers a sleek design and compact footprint, and will ship with a new software feature --Facial Retouch --that enables consumers to enhance their personal photographs right at home by reducing blemishes and enhancing facial features in just one click.
The new KODAK EASYSHARE V1273 Digital Camera offers new Touch Screen Technology, simplifying picture taking, reviewing and editing. This 12-megapixel, 3X optical zoom camera features a large 3-inch LCD touch screen for easy camera setup and control. HD-enabled, the V1273 takes incredible high definition still pictures and videos for viewing on HDTVs with the KODAK HDTV Dock. In addition to the V1273, Kodak is introducing the KODAK EASYSHARE V1073 Digital Camera with touch screen.
The new KODAK EASYSHARE M1033 Digital Camera is a bright and colorful, thin and stylish, 10-megapixel camera. Equipped with a 3X optical zoom lens and 3-inch wide-angle viewing LCD screen, this camera is packed with features that help ensure great pictures in just about any environment. Additionally, the M1033 captures HD pictures and videos. Kodak is also introducing the KODAK EASYSHARE M763, M863 and M893 IS Digital Cameras.
The new KODAK EASYSHARE Z1085 IS Zoom Digital Camera is a high performance, 10-megapixel, 5X optical zoom camera with optical image stabilization. The Z1085 IS allows consumers to get more creative with their photography by taking advantage of the camera's manual features or easily capture pictures and videos with automatic controls. The Z1085 IS also captures HD still pictures and videos, enhancing the overall picture-sharing experience. Kodak is also introducing the KODAK EASYSHARE Z1285 Zoom Digital Camera and KODAK EASYSHARE Z8612 IS Digital Camera.
Your Pictures and Videos in High Definition

All KODAK EASYSHARE Digital Cameras announced today at CES are HD-capable, capturing still pictures and video in high definition. Viewing the HD pictures is simple, thanks to the KODAK EASYSHARE HDTV Dock. Available as an optional accessory to the KODAK EASYSHARE System, the HDTV Dock connects to your HDTV to process and display pictures from HD-enabled KODAK Digital Cameras, SD Memory Cards or USB drives to deliver an outstanding visual experience.

Pricing and Availability

All KODAK products listed in this release will be available at retail and online at in the first half of 2008.

KODAK ESP 3 AiO Printer retails: $129.95 MSRP

The V-Series Cameras price range: $199.95 - 279.95 MSRP

The Z-Series Cameras price range: $199.95 - 299.95 MSRP

The M-Series Cameras price range: $129.95 - 199.95 MSRP

Additional information: Visit Kodak's digital camera website
January 10, 2008
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