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Kodak releases firmware version 4.5.5 for the DCS Pro 14n(x)

Firmware download pages for registered users


Issues addressed in 4.5.5

Adjusted automatic lens type selection for some lenses.
Restored Portuguese language to the Language menu.
Improved language translations.
Fixed compatibility issue with Kodak 256MB CF card with Taiwan edge stamp.
Improved CF card read speed when using DCS Camera Manager.
Longer Exposure mode, Mirror Prerelease and Imager Clean now function properly when meter off time is set to never.
Imager clean now requires a charged battery.
Fixed continuous flashing card slots red LED when using DCS Camera Manager.
Fixed Secure erase feature when using the SD card slot.
Added warning message on DCS Pro14n 256mb model when attempting to capture with the combination of Raw+Jpeg+Longer exposure.
Removed inadvertent display of brightness value in Photo Desk image information.
Fixed an intermittent capture error when capturing with 3.4MP raw files.
Fixed a display refresh issue when using the serial in status screen.
Fixed intermittent screen blanking when using the Secure Erase feature.
Adjusted default noise reduction defaults for RAW (DCR) files when opened in Photo Desk.
Fixed issue where back light on rear status LCD would intermittently remain on.
Fixed issue where image numbering resets when changing user modes.
Fixed bug when using serial out mode.
Fixed issue where Nav+ location indicator would encroach into folder name at the beginning of Nav+ bar.
Fixed issue when multiple zoom mode boxes (ROI BOX) would appear on LCD display when using the NAV+ button in zoom mode.

New Features in V4.5.5

Improved Lens Optimization tables supporting more lenses.
Added Folder Delete feature. Now empty folders names and contents can be deleted by pressing the delete button when an empty folder is selected. (See known Issues and limitations section).
Camera can now find multiple DCS firmware upgrade files anywhere on a storage card within the cameras supported folder structure.
User Setups- Custom camera setting profiles can now stored for easy restoration of multiple camera settings. These profiles can be stored in the camera's memory or on removable storage cards.
Added 0.5 second selection to the mirror prerelease menu.
Added Display Activation options to the display menu to reduce or prevent accidental activation of the LCD.
Added firmware support for the optional Pocket Wizard hardware upgrade (to be available in Summer of 2004).
Restricted the hotkey feature to the current user mode.
Adjusted User Interface for smoother menu operation.
Flash mounted on the camera's hot shoe can now be used in Mirror Prerelease mode when flash exposure mode is set to A, M or Multi. TTL flash is not possible with Mirror Prerelease.
All Camera dialog messages automatically time out after 5 min.
Default Jpeg type has been changed to Standard JPEG. ERI can be selected from the Jpeg type menu.
New down sampling to improve 6MP and 3.4 MP image quality.

Release History

Version 4.0.0 February 28, 2003 - Initial Release.
Version 4.0.2 March 3, 2003.
Version 4.1.2 March 21, 2003.
Version 4.2.2 April 23, 2003.
Version 4.2.3 May 16, 2003.
Version 4.3.1 June 26, 2003
Version 4.3.3 July 15, 2003
Version 4.4.3 October 29, 2003
Version 4.5.5 March 2, 2004

Known Issues and Limitations

Important: Never insert or remove storage cards while a red LED or the Card Icon on the Status screen is blinking. A possible side effect could be the corruption of memory card data.
No more than a combined total of 2000 files, including hidden system files can be stored on memory cards inside the camera.
Only cards that were last formatted in the camera can take advantage of the Recover feature.
JPEG files can't be zoomed or used for in camera click white balance.
When the video Format is set to PAL, the camera user interface will appear with a smaller font size. Deactivate PAL video to return to a larger user interface font size.
Mirror Prerelease is limited to a maximum shutter speed of 125th second. Captures made using Mirror Prerelease in lighting conditions requiring faster shutter speeds will be overexposed.
DTTL controlled flash photography is not possible when using the Camera's Mirror Prerelease feature. Use your strobes A mode to automatically control flash exposure.
Automatically synchronized flash photography is not supported using Longer Exposure Mode. The use of other flash synchronization techniques may yield unpredictable results.
Self Timer and Intervalometer do not function with Longer Exposure mode or Mirror Prerelease.
Electronic remote shutter releases do not function with Longer Exposure mode or Mirror Prerelease. Use mechanical release on shutter button.
Custom RGB slider values in DCS Photo Desk are not saved as part of DCS Photo Desk generated custom White balance files
The empty "Folder" delete option will not currently delete empty folders in sequence. This will be fixed in the next release.
The Languages Espanol, Deutsch and Portuguese have word strings which force menu items off the display areas of the Tools menu and the "User Setups" naming screen. This will be fixed in the next release.

Additional information: Firmware download pages for registered users
March 20, 2004
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