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Imaging-resource welcomes you to their first Digital SLR Shootout - Round One!

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By Dave Etchells - the Imaging-Resource:

"The Imaging Resource has always been about meaningful *comparisons* between competing cameras, which I normally provide for through my standardized test shots. I set up those shots with the primary intent of stressing the cameras to their utmost, as opposed to creating beautiful photos. - Hence the horribly harsh afternoon sun on Marti in the "outdoor portrait" shot, etc. (To those who wonder, yes I do understand about fill flash and reflectors, I deliberately set up that shot to have very harsh lighting, to see how cameras handle extreme contrast.)

While I think my standard test shots do a good job of providing a basis of comparison across a broad range of cameras, showing up any faults in the process, the problem with them is that they just aren't very interesting to look at. I've taken to mixing in some "galleries" of more appealing shots, taken by our resident Pro, Gibbs Frazeur. These are great for showing off the photographic qualities of the cameras in more "pictorial" applications, but they lose the standardization between cameras that I think is so important to form intelligent decisions.

Now that the Sigma SD9 has come out, I decided to attempt a more ambitious comparison between the four top "prosumer" digital SLRs, the Canon D60, Fuji S2 Pro, Nikon D100, and Sigma SD9. The idea was to try to shoot the same subjects with all four cameras, paying careful attention to framing and exposure, hopefully producing truly comparable shots with all the cameras.

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Additional information: Click here to visit Dave's Digital SLR Shootout
November 13, 2002
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