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Get into the digital camera world - best buys and great books

At the end of a turbulent year in the digital photography world, it's now a good time for you to join the ranks. We've seen a tremendous growth in the low end camera phone market, even to the point where the Korean units must emit a beep when a picture is taken. As prices have fallen more than 30% compared to last year, and many of this years A-brand 2 and 3 Mp cameras are now on sale at a 50% discount, it is the right time to get into serious digital photography. Have a look at these great cameras and excellent books .....
Get into the digital camera world - best buys and great books - digital camera and photography newsAn excellent way to start

If your new to the digital camera world and you are looking for a solid entry level digital camera you might consider popular cameras such as the 4 megapixel, 3x zoom Canon Poweshot A80, which offers excellent image quality at an affordable price, or the 7 megapixel, 3x optical zoom Sony Cyber-shot P150, if you are looking for a quality compact "take-anywhere" camera.

In case you're looking for a great zoom range, the 4 megapixel Olympus C-765 Ultra Zoom might be an option to consider.

Good reading

For those newcomers you should certainly have a look at The Digital Photographer's Library, a great offer to get 3 acclaimed books at a discount price (also available from
This complete collection for digital photography enthusiasts covers everything from mastering digital imaging technology, to optimizing images, to employing expert color management techniques. Each of the three distinctive books in this set will help you to achieve remarkable results, image after image:

- Mastering Digital Photography and Imaging where Peter K. Burian demystifies the world of digital photography
- Photoshop Elements 3 Solutions, Mikkel Aaland's classic guide to get the most out of your digital images
- Color Confidence, Digital Photographer's Guide to Color Management from capture to output by Tim Grey

Great compacts

Of course, this year has also brought some great new camera for those already seasoned in the digital photography world. We seen the the Sony DSC-V1, a true enthusiast's camera worthy of the Sony name and Canon's latest member of the G-series, the Canon Powershot G6, a more than complete 7 megapixel (not 6! as the name suggests) 4x zoom compact camera!

Digital SLRs

Finally, if you're considering a digital SLR camera, the Canon Digital Rebel (or EOS-300D in Europe) is a terrific camera, especially if you look at what it has to offer for the price you pay, and the Nikon D70, with its excellent build quality that delivers near perfect images at a price that is superb value for money, are some serious contenders to be examined more closely.

This year's new Olympus E-1 brings you new features that really sets it apart from the competition, a splash proof body and firewire connectivity plus the anti-dust wave filter, or pixel mapping facility are all quite advanced characteristics.

And more

At the end of 2004 Microsoft has announced Windows XP Media Center Edition, enabeling new ways to integrate music, photography, movies or video in your daily life. Many mananufacturers have already now delivered new products for the Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005.


All in all, we've seen a wealth of new innovative and quality digital cameras this year, and they have become really affordable now, just take your pick!
December 5, 2004
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