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Evolution of the Hasselblad H System Digital Strategy

With the announcement of the H3D series medium format cameras at the Photokina in September last year, Hasselblad plans to position itself as the pre-eminent provider of high-end digital cameras. The product and its marketing campaign generated some debate and confusion in the press and the Internet. The product debate centered on the fact that the H3D no longer supported third party backs, and the claim for "the world's first 48mm full-frame DSLR camera system" sparked the confusion over the term DSLR...
Evolution of the Hasselblad H System Digital Strategy - digital camera and photography newsToday, Hasselblad has posted this article on The Evolution of the Hasselblad H System Digital Strategy

Hasselblad has a simple aim; to produce the best possible camera, which can in turn produce the best possible digital files and at the same time provide the maximum degree of creative freedom to professional photographers.

By integrating all technologies in a DSLR camera instead of trying to continue to build separate cameras and digital back solutions Hasselblad is sure, and the vendors of 35mm DSLRs have proven this, that making fully integrated DSLR cameras is the only way to obtain the highest possible image quality.

Digital technology has, over the past 15 years, radically changed our lives by altering the way we communicate, the way we store information, the way we listen to music and even the way we take photographs. The very nature of digital technology, both the hardware and software behind these various applications, has advanced at a pace that would have been inconceivable in 1948 when Victor Hasselblad began producing his first analogue camera, the 1600F.

This ‘digital' transformation has been rapid, and in the photographic market has affected different companies, somewhat in relation to the way they have reacted to the changes. Nikon and Canon appear to have thrived – moving all their efforts into the production of digital cameras, whilst brands like Contax and Minolta are no longer produced. New players like Sony have brought out cameras, and the professional photographer is now able to choose from a vast range of DSLR models. Hasselblad launched the H System in 2002 as a platform for digital or analogue capture. Hasselblad sought to provide the best and most versatile medium format system possible, and the H System rapidly became a camera of choice for people buying digital backs. In truth, though, it was a great film camera to which a digital back could be fitted, and, committed to innovation and to offer state of the art products to its customers, Hasselblad started to look at ways that image quality and functionality could be enhanced even more through better integration...

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May 4, 2007
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