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The Hasselblad Future-safe Customer Care Program

Hasselblad is launching a new Customer Care Program, offering special prices on upgrades, refurbishment, and extended warranties and support for all registered Hasselblad owners. The first stage of the program will provide owners of Hasselblad H1 and H2 cameras with an extremely beneficial trade in or upgrade of their equipment to a number of the most recent model configurations. In the near future, the program will be expanded to cover owners of all Hasselblad digital products or V System cameras...
Visit the Hasseblad Customer Care website


Dear Hasselblad camera owner;

At Hasselblad, we've never taken a short-term approach to our camera systems. Our systems have always been designed to serve our customers over the life of their photographic careers, all the while exploring and incorporating new technologies. The end goal has always been to put the most cutting-edge, high-end photographic tools in the hands of the most demanding photographers in the world.

These days, with the rapid pace of technological developments and the high initial investment required to enter a high-end photographic system, it is no wonder, however, that many photographers are concerned about the long-term value of their camera investment. Or that many photographers are nervous about making such an investment to begin with.

That's why we have introduced a comprehensive new service and replacement package for the H-System called the Hasselblad Customer Care Program. The Hasselblad Customer Care Program is our way of letting you know that we fully intend to continue to push the technological envelope, that we fully intend to continue to produce the best digital cameras in the world, and that we fully intend to make sure that you do not get left behind in the process.

This program offers a range of attractive service, upgrade, and warranty options to all Hasselblad H-System camera owners, and is designed to provide our valued customers with an easy and attractive way to ensure the long-term value of their camera investment.

Enrollment in the program is free and is offered with no obligation to all registered Hasselblad H-System owners. Your free enrollment, valid till December 31st , 2011, allows you to take advantage of a range of specially priced or free service or warranty offers, which are described in detail below. To take advantage of this valuable offer, you simply need to register your membership, before February 29, 2008, at:

The Hasselblad Customer Care Program provides a range of service and support programs to choose from:

1. Extended service/replacement option:

In addition to the standard Hasselblad service and support options, we offer you: 10-year repair and spare parts service from date of purchase on all Hasselblad camera products, which guarantees service and parts availability for 10 years from date of original purchase.
You will also receive a 5 year replacement option that covers you in the event of loss, theft or catastrophic damage to your camera for a period of five years from date of purchase.
2. Factory refurbishment of your Hasselblad camera:

Special price of €995 (a savings of more than €200 on the €1,200 list price)
Includes upgrade to the latest level of H2 technology
Requires owner to present Customer Care Voucher by registering prior to February 29, 2008, but payment is required only at time of service.
Redeemable until December 31st, 2011
3. Attractive Trade-up offer:

Upgrade to the latest model configuration
Open to Hasselblad camera owners with digital backs from Hasselblad/Imacon as well as other suppliers
Note! Registering for this program does not obligate you in any way, but simply entitles your to take advantage of these valuable offers at any time during the validation period. For more information, you may also download the “Quick Guide to the Hasselblad Customer Care Program” PDF document by clicking here: Hasselblad Customer Care.pdf

All the best,
Hasselblad Customer Care Program

Additional information: Visit the Hasseblad Customer Care website
February 25, 2008
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