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The HP Deskjet 450Ci / Cbi - mobile printer for your desk and on the road

The HP Deskjet 450Ci / Cbi - mobile printer for your desk and on the road - digital camera and photography news


(System translation from German)
HEWLETT-PACKARD presents a new generation mobile and efficient color ink jet printers with extensive Desktopdrucker functionalities: the HP Deskjet 450Ci and the HP Deskjet 450Cbi. Both compact and durable models are characterised by high pressure quality and speed. The series is equipped with a parallel -, Usb and infrared interface as well as a Compact Flash I/II card slot, over which the user knows digitally taken up photos directly expressions. Optionally wireless printing over Bluetooth is possible. This ensures expressions with and without cables of Notebooks, pocket PC, PDAs, digital cameras or Handys. If no power connection is available, the high capacity permits the pressure from up to 350 sides to the lithium ion battery. The integrated battery charger charges the battery automatically with power connection up. The mobile printers address themselves both to business travelers and to home users, who would like localindependently documents in photo quality with a dissolution of up to 4.800 dpi expressions. Both models are available starting from 16 September in the specialized trade. The noncommittal price recommendation inclusive value added tax amounts to for the HP Deskjet 450Ci 299, - euro as well as 349, - euro for the HP DeskJet 450 Cbi, inclusive battery.

High productivity in photo quality

The Mac compatible printers achieve high print rates: Nine sides per minute with the black-and-white pressure and up to eight sides per minute with the colour print. Thus the devices are double and/or as fast as four times present itself in the market mobile printers present. Both models have a black and a colored ink cartridge, so that with the mutual change of black on colour print, which escapes exchange of the cartridges. The high-productive ink cartridges create 400 sides in color (20 per cent of cover) or 125 photo expressions in the format 10 x 15 centimeters up to 450 sides in black-and-white (five per cent of cover) and/or. In black-and-white both color ink jet printers with a dissolution of 1200 x work 1200 dpi. On special Premium Fotopapieren those reach colour print a dissolution of up to 4800 x 1200 dpi. Here the advantages of the new HP PhotoRet IV Precision technology come to carrying. 32 tiny ink drops from four to five Pikolitern are laid on with a frequency by up to 21 kHz. Printers with HP PhotoRet IV are based on a six-ink colour print with two pressure cartridges à three colors: once with the colors cyanogen, Magenta and Yellow and once with cyanogen brightly and Magenta brightly as well as black. If necessary the second cartridge can be exchanged against the first cartridge.

Find connection without problems

Inclusive battery and the integrated 45-Blatt-Dokumentenzufuehrung weigh the HP Deskjets 450Ci/Cbi only two Kilos and provide with the integrated infrared or optionally activatable Bluetooth interface for a fast slack data communication. Expressions are possible both from the Notebook and from the Macintosh PowerBook, Handheld, Pocket PC or Handy. With the handy masses of 339 x 82.2 x of 165 millimeters fit both case and shockproof HP Deskjets comfortably in the optionally available carrying or traveling bag.

Over HP

HP is an offerer of products, technologies, solutions and services for final users and enterprises, leading world-wide. The offer covers solutions for the ranges IT infrastructure, personnel Computing, pressures & treatment of pictures as well as entrance devices to the InterNet and IT services. The transaction for the fusion between HP and the Compaq computer corporation took place on 3 May 2002. Further information to the enterprise, to the products and employments offered finds you under:

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September 23, 2002
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