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Fuji S602 Special Edition Digital Camera blends the line between Amateur and Professional

Fuji Canada introduces the new Finepix S602 Special Edition digital camera. The S602SE seems to be equivalent to the S602 Pro Zoom, announced in Europe last month. New features include: PC Sync socket for connection to studio and external flash system, manual (threaded) cable release socket and all-black finish. Thanks to Peter Burian for this news item.
Fuji S602 Special Edition Digital Camera blends the line between Amateur and Professional - digital camera and photography news


Toronto, Ontario, December 11, 2002 - Fuji Photo Film Canada Inc., a leading innovator of digital cameras and professional photofinishing systems, introduced the new S602 (SE) Special Edition digital camera today. The FinePix S602SE digital camera is built for the discerning prosumer in search of professional performance features at an affordable price.

The new features available on the FinePix S602SE include:

·         PC Sync socket for connection to studio and external flash systems
·         Manual (threaded) cable release socket
·         All-black finish

Equipped with Fujifilm's third-generation Super CCD, the FinePix S602SE produces a high-resolution 6.03 megapixel recorded image file, quality VGA digital video at 30 frames-per-second and an ISO sensitivity range that reaches 1600 in 1280 x 960 pixel mode.  The significance of these new technological developments is that the menu of features and functions available to users is breaking the traditional performance parameters of consumer digital photography.  Prosumers get the look, feel and benefits of a SLR or 35mm-type camera with the added value of high-quality digital imaging features that create professional-like results, such as:

·         Full VGA (640 x 480) benefits that fill an entire TV screen with smooth motion video
·         Less dependence on a flash to achieve quality results
·         Long range action picture taking capabilities that benefit sport and outdoor enthusiasts
·         Super Macro functionality that allows photographers to photograph within one centimeter of a subject
·         Fast and accurate auto focus functions

“This expanded menu of functionality allows the photo enthusiast to experiment with digital imaging in an entirely new manner – vibrant 8 x12 prints using the manual control mode, to continuous shooting formats at five frames per second,” says Jim Jacobs, Senior Technical Manager, Digital Cameras, Fuji Photo Film Canada Inc.  “Include the FinePix S602SE's digital video, voice annotation and auto-focus capabilities, as well as its low noise and high sensitivity output and the prosumer has a feature-rich, high-performance digital imaging package.”

The FinePix S602SE offers a dual media slot for both SmartMedia™ and IBM's Microdrive™, which can be inserted into the camera's second slot.  This equips the digital camera and prosumer user with the power to store 443 pictures (six megapixel fine compression) or over 15 minutes of 30 frames-per-second VGA video.

The FinePix S602SE comes with a 16MB SmartMedia™ Card and four AA batteries and is available across Canada at an estimated street price of $1,149.

Online Digital Photography Resources

Fuji Photo Film Canada is committed to making digital photography more accessible by expanding the performance of the technology and providing the information needed to make informed purchasing decisions. The new photocentre, sponsored by Fuji Photo Film Canada (, provides Canadians with an extensive resource on digital photography – from tips and tutorials to photo essays and the images from the cross-country Digital Pilgrimage.

Fuji Photo Film Canada has also launched a new web site at that caters to the growing needs of digital photographers from coast-to-coast.  The new Digital Gateway, for example, is a one-stop destination for consumers in search of a variety of solutions, such as a shopping guide, a directory of digital retailers, where to get prints from digital files, tips and tutorials, a coupon and promotions alert, digital product support and links to a host of digital photography resource sites.

In addition, the company recently announced its partnership with Microsoft's Windows® XP™ operating system. Fujifilm's new FinePix F601 Zoom, FinePix S602 Zoom, FinePix S2 Pro and all future FinePix consumer digital cameras will be fully compatible with Windows XP.

Fuji Photo Film Canada also provides a retail-based online digital photofinishing solution with its Print@Fujicolor software that enables consumers to order digital prints from home.
December 16, 2002
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