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Fujifilm Japan's Finexpix website pre-announces the launch of the 2003 CCD revolution

Fuji Japan's Finepix site runs from today an appetizer for another new CCD to be announced shortly. As you may recall, Fuji has been active with a different type of CCD, called the Honeycom CCD, whereby the pixels are arranged diagonal matrix rather than in a regular matrix.  Since 1999 Fuji has launched newer versions, improving the processing algorithms and resolution. Fuji's 2003 version is going to be launched soon...
Click here for the intro at www.finepix.comBackground information:
Click here to view a Flash introduction to the concept of the Fuji Honeycom CCD or click here for the PDF brochure (large 450K file) on Fuji's 2002 3rd generation super CCD.


Conventional CCDs tend to have smaller pixel sizes due to the necessity to pack pixels more closely together in order to achieve higher resolutions. This leads to sacrifices in sensitivity, signal-to-noise ratio, dynamic range and color reproduction.

The Super CCD, on the other hand, realizes beautifully balanced images by producing higher resolutions while improving the various features related to image quality. Fujifilm's Super CCD eatures unique octagonal-shaped photodiodes in an interwoven arrangement that realizes a larger photodiode for each pixel.

The sensor shape and arrangement of the Super CCD increases sensitivity, improves S/N (signal/noise) ratio and offers a much wider dynamic range, an attribute that produces digital images with richer, true-to-life colors and sparkling clarity. Further, the innovative interwoven pixel arrangement increases resolution in the vertical and horizontal directions, resulting in higher overall resolutions. The Super CCD captures data at 12 bits for each RGB and records it at an optimal 8 bits, depending on the situation. In this way, the Super CCD delivers outstanding high quality image files.

Additional information: Click here for the intro at
January 15, 2003
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