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Fujifilm FinePix S5200 / S5600 Zoom: evolution of a bestseller

Fujifilm announces the FinePix S5200 / S5600 Zoom, a mini SLR-style digital camera with long zoom lens. Beneath its robust body lie the sensor enhancements that make the S5200 / S5600 Zoom punch above its weight. Boasting a new 5th Generation five megapixel Super CCD HR sensor and Fujifilm's new Real Photo Technology, the S5200 / S5600 Zoom has the power to capture large images with incredible clarity and detail in a range of lighting conditions...


All about the new Fujifilm Finepix S5200 / S5600Digital photographers interested in taking their first foray into SLR-styled cameras should pay special attention to the FinePix S5200, announced today by Fuji Photo Film U.S.A., Inc.

Equipped with 5.1 MegaPixels, a 10x optical zoom and proprietary technology that suppresses camera shake and blur caused by subject movement, the FinePix S5200 offers an excellent entry point into the world of feature-rich cameras without losing its operational simplicity.

Highlight features of the FinePix 5200 include:

Real Photo Technology
Real Photo Technology captures treasured moments just as your eye sees them. Combining Fujifilm's new RP Processor, 5th Generation Super CCD HR sensor and Fujinon Lens Optics, the S5200 delivers ultra-high sensitivity (ISO 1600), faster operational speeds (start-up in 1.1 seconds; shutter lag at a mere 0.01 second) and reduced power consumption. This will allow the shooter to get just about every shot, capturing priceless memories as photographs with every nuance of light and color, even in low light situations without a flash using the camera's special "Natural Light" and "Anti-Blur" modes.

Fujinon Lens Technology & Zooming
The superb optics of the Fujinon lens collects light and precisely forms the image in conjunction with a 5th Generation Super CCD HR. Users can bring the subject closer to them using the camera's 10.0x Optical Zoom (equivalent to a 38-380mm on a 35mm camera). In Macro mode, the FinePix S5200 can focus clearly at 3.9 inches. With the addition of beam assist, the FinePix S5200 can focus up to 7.9 feet -- even in low light conditions.

"As a photographic leader and technology innovator, Fujifilm makes it a point to understand the needs of today's consumer by producing products that suit a wide range of needs and photography interests," said David Troy, Senior Product Manager, Consumer Products, Electronic Imaging Products Division, Fuji Photo Film USA, Inc. "The FinePix S5200 upholds the tradition coveted in the popular S-series line and provides consumers with long zoom power, ease of use compatibility and most important, the best possible image quality."

The FinePix S5200 offers wide-angle lens adapters, which increases the performance of this model for any user. The S5200 will be available in October at a price of $399.95.

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July 28, 2005

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