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Fujifilm FinePix F810 Zoom: Super CCD performance hits new heights


Fujifilm FinePix F810 Zoom: Super CCD performance hits new heights - digital camera and photography newsRelease Date: 28 July 2004

Super CCD HR technology takes further steps forward with key sensitivity improvement

Fujifilm's obsession with improving digital image quality has hit a new level with the launch of the FinePix F810 Zoom. This compact digital camera introduces a refinement in the construction of Fujifilm's Super CCD HR sensor, enhanced processor technology and a new sensitivity rating of ISO 80. These enhancements translate into something very simple – purer, clearer, sharper pictures.

The newly-designed Super CCD HR sensor featured in the FinePix F810 Zoom improves the storage capacity for electric charge held by each of its six million photodiodes (pixels). Along with the trademark Super CCD high sensitivity of ISO 800, this sensor refinement translates into a new lower sensitivity of ISO 80, greatly improved signal to noise ratio, along with an attendant increase in image quality. In other words, the FinePix F810 Zoom is capable of storing more electric charge in the sensor to generate a higher quality image.

Looking at the photographic results, followed by the specifications, any observer the user would be forgiven for coming to the same conclu ding sion that this is a high-end , enthusiast camera . Manual exposure control, flash compensation, RAW mode, manual focus and JPEG compression options are all features that are at home on much bigger , enthusiast-level , bulkier cameras. This is a camera for those who know about photography, but don't require over-sized photographic equipment to prove it!

The FinePix F810 Zoom features an extensive 4x zoom lens that gives a focal length equivalent to 32.5mm - 130mm on a 35mm camera. When the camera is switched on, this lens is ready and extended immediately. The widescreen (16:9) facility that debuted on the FinePix F710 Zoom is also present, enabling images and movie files to be viewed in full on a widescreen television, without stretching or distortion.

The FinePix F810 Zoom is perfect for the off-duty photographer or camera enthusiast with quality in mind. Featuring a host of manual controls and exceptional picture quality, photographers will find it difficult to track down such a rewarding digital camera that also fits in their pocket.

Adrian Clarke, Fujifilm's Director of Consumer Products, said, "The photographic community is waking up to the fact that extra pixels don't necessarily deliver better image quality. In fact, sometimes more pixels get in the way of good image quality. Instead, our technical teams have been working on improving an already highly-regarded sensor/processor combination .

"The FinePix F810 Zoom underlines what's fundamentally exciting about digital photography; that a small camera like this can achieve the quality and flexibility that you'd expect from a large and bulky one."

FinePix F810 Zoom features at a glance:

Newly-developed 1/1.7 inch Super CCD HR sensor with 6.3 million effective pixels (delivering 12.3 million recorded pixels)

High performance 4x optical zoom lens equivalent to 32.5mm - 130mm on a 35mm camera

High resolution 2.1” widescreen LCD screen (173,000 pixel CG silicon TFT monitor)

Full range of exposure controls (P/S/A/M) with convenient command dial

Continuous shooting modes including Top 4, Final 4 and Long-Period shooting up to 40 frames at 1.6 frames/sec

Wide range of ISO settings (80/100/200/400/800)

High quality VGA movie recording at 30 frames per second with sound

USB 2.0 connectivity for high speed image transfer

RAW file format for unprocessed image saving

Ultra-fast start-up time of under 1.2 seconds, shooting interval of approx. 1.0 second

Includes PictureCradle for fast charging and convenient image transfer

xD-Picture Card™ providing large storage capacity, lower power consumption and fast write speeds (16MB to 512MB capacities currently available)

PictBridge™ compatibility for direct printing without a PC

Super CCD HR technology
Fujifilm's Super CCD HR technology allows high resolution sensors to be housed in smaller digital cameras. The benefits include ultra-high resolution images and h igh sensitivity, enabling faster shutter speeds for action shots and low light photography.

Availability & pricing
The FinePix F810 Zoom will be available in the UK from leading photographic retailers in August 2004. Pricing will be announced nearer to the date of retail launch.

Additional information: Product information
July 28, 2004
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