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Fujifilm Europe announces 9 megapixel Finepix F47fd

Fujifilm Europe launches the new FinePix F47fd digital camera, the 9 megapixel successor to FinePix F40fd or F45fd, a special ocean-blue version introduced in some countries. The FinePix F47fd features the same Face Detection technology as we have seen on the FinePix S6500fd, F31fd and Z5fd models. A first for the Fujifilm digital compact cameras is that this new F47fd features an xD/SD compatible slot, allowing the use of either the Fujifilm / Olympus xD Picture card or a standard SD card to store and transfer your photos...


All about the new Fujifilm FinePix F47fdThe new FinePix F47fd is the latest in Fujifilm's range of advanced compact digital cameras. Offering a 9.0 million pixel resolution, this camera model further enhances the reputation of its predecessor the FinePix F40fd.

Featuring Fujifilm's proprietary Real Photo Processor II, Super CCD HR VI and hardware-based Face Detection, the new model continues the F series tradition of delivering sophisticated technology in a smart compact body.

In addition, the F47fd offers quality ISO 2000 sensitivity at full resolution, which delivers detailed, versatile images that can be cropped or printed at large sizes. The 3.0x optical zoom lens and long life battery are just two other stunning features that make this the ideal take-anywhere-digital camera.
Real Photo Technology

Fujifilm's Real Photo Technology brings together CCD, processor and lens to deliver images of optimum quality that are rich in colour, detail and sharpness and low in noise.

Fujifilm's proprietary Super CCD HR VI is a unique octagonal shape, which means it has a larger surface area than traditional sensors, making it more sensitive to light.

This gives Fujifilm's FinePix cameras their high ISO sensitivity ratings, which mean faster shutter speeds and a reduction of image blur. The Real Photo Processor II has a unique double 'noise' reduction algorithm, which is highly effective at reducing the grain that can ruin pictures in low light. The FinePix F47fd achieves ISO 2000 (1600 selectable) at full resolution, which allows you to capture priceless memories with every gradation of light and colour, even in low-light situations without flash.

Face Detection

The FinePix F47fd features hard-wired Face Detection technology, joining best-selling FinePix S6500fd, F31fd and Z5fd models. Most photos are taken of people in low light conditions and these are the situations when most photos go wrong. Face Detection ensures the camera prioritises faces in the frame and will adjust the focus, exposure and flash to ensure that you take a perfect picture every time.
Because the technology is hard-wired to the camera's processor, it is capable of detecting faces and taking a photo in as little as 0.05 seconds.

In Playback mode, Face Detection will automatically zoom in to subjects' faces and trim the shot for optimum portraits

Even easier to use

Now FinePix digital cameras are even easier to use! An intuitive icon based graphical user interface confirms shooting modes, scene positions, or control settings with brief explanations on the LCD screen.

Easy-to-read icon and text description of the selected mode help you choose and confirm the optimum setting for best results. This takes much of the guesswork out of digital camera operation. With less to worry about, you'll have more fun with your picture taking!

Intelligent Flash system

For better results with flash photography, Fujifilm's Intelligent Flash system analyses the scene and automatically controls flash power output. The result is balanced exposure where the scene is sufficiently illuminated, without washing out the foreground in the picture, or losing background detail.

Natural Light & Flash mode goes one step further, taking two photos in quick succession – one without flash, and one with. Both photos are then displayed side by side for easy comparison.

Fujifilm's Super CCD sensor.

Users will immediately appreciate the benefits of Fujifilm's Super CCD sensor. The increased surface area means it is more sensitive to light, enabling faster shutter speeds to help reduce image blur and the need for flash when taking photos in low light.
No matter what the event or where you travel, the Mode Dial is ready with easy–to–select modes bringing you a simple point-and-shoot camera with automated professional settings. Simply choose a Scene Position that suits the situation and you have the ideal settings for everything from shutter speed and exposure to white balance at your fingertips ready to capture the image.

The display of helpful descriptions of each mode and Scene Position make it simple to explore the versatility of the F47fd, and with special scene position modes, including Underwater, Snow, Night and Close-up, the FinePix F47fd is ideally suited to any photo opportunity.

When a still image isn't sufficient, the camera's movie mode, at 30 frames per second, captures movie clips with sound that are limited in length only by the size of memory card used.

Crisp and Clear

The 2.5" LCD screen has an anti-reflective coating to prevent glare when shooting in bright daylight and offers an expanded screen-viewing angle. If you need to hold the camera over your head for a high angle shot, the wide view enables you to comfortably see and compose the frame, and afterwards, allows everybody to gather around to view the image at the same time.
The new lightning-fast Infra Red means you can send pictures from camera to camera, or to IR portable printers or Kiosks in retail stores. No cables, no fuss, just easy wireless transfer of your photos.

A first for Fujifilm's digital compacts, the FinePix F47fd features an xD/SD compatible slot, allowing the use of either xD Picture Card or SD media to store and transfer your photos. This will give you the flexibility to buy the card you want, use cards from previous cameras, or choose the media that fits with your other desktop devices like laptops, PDAs or card readers. Although the camera comes with 25MB of memory built-in, you'll need to purchase an xD or SD card, (ideally 512MB, 1GB or 2GB), to really make the most of your camera.

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July 19, 2007
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