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Jenoptik lauches the Eyelike eMotion22  for work in the studio and On Location

Jenoptik announces the new Eyelike eMotion 22 digital camera back, a professional tool for work in the studio, as well as On Location. A lithium ion battery, a color display and a built-in memory add up to create the conditions you need for a superior work style.Quality that sells: with its continuously high capture rate, the Eyelike eMotion 22 offers you a maximum in flexibility. The unit features smart power management, a new case and board design...
Eyelike eMotion 22 product details


CCD Sensor: Dalsa FTF 4052C: 48 x 36 mm2
RGB mosaic filter, full frame sensor technology
Dimensions: 94 x 78 x 75 mm3
Pixelgröße: 9 x 9 µm2
Resolution: 22 Millionen Pixel
5344 x 4008 pixel
2672 x 2004 pixel
Filesize: 124 MB (1-shot 48 bit)
62 MB (1-shot 24 bit)
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Color depth: 48 bit (16 bit per color channel)
Dynamic range: 12 f-stops
capture rate: 50 images per minute
Sensitivity: 50, 100 or 200 ISO
Untethered operation: Compact Flash card, internal storage
Tethered operation: IEEE 1393 Firewire directly onto harddisk
Battery: Lithium Ion (rechargeable)
Battery lifetime: 250 image-capturing cycles within 2,5 hours
Display: 2,2", 18 bit color depth (262 144 colors)
Information: images, histogram, sensitivity, battery charge level, exposure warning, memory status, white balance
Funcionality: Sensitivity, white balance, resolution, compression, capture mode, language, sound on/off
Exposure time: 1/10000 bis 32 sec.
Lighting conditions: all lighting conditions
Computer connection: via 10 m Firewire cabel
Adaptions: Hasselblad H1
Hasselblad V
Mamiya 645 AFD
Alle gängigen Fachkameras über den Hasselblad Adapter
PC system requirements (recommended): Pentium 4 compatible processor, 1 GB RAM, IEEE 1394 Interface, Windows XP
Mac system requirements (recommended): G5, 1 GB RAM, IEEE 1394 Interface, Mac OS X

This design and related specifications are subject to continuously ongoing development. We reserve the right to make changes in the interest of technical progress.

Additional information: Eyelike eMotion 22 product details
September 23, 2004
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