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The aceMedia project puts your digital pictures into words

Scientists at aceMedia Research have been working on a project to put your digital pictures in words by putting words in your digital pictures. In the digital camera age, shooting pictures has been simpler than ever before, but the one major drawback is that all your digital gems do not fit in the shoebox any longer. Finding that one image is searching for the needle in a haystack. aceMedia builds an information layer into the image files and thus these files will come with content information, metadata and an intelligence layer to facilitate your searches...


The aceMedia project puts your digital pictures into words - digital camera and photography newsVisual images can contain a wealth of information, but they are difficult to catalogue in a searchable way. European researchers are generating and combining scraps of information to create a searchable picture.

Digital images can open our eyes to the most extraordinary detail and beauty. But there is one major drawback. The information in an image is purely visual. It tells us nothing about when or where the image was taken. It tells us nothing about the people in the image. We do all that interpretation ourselves. That makes cataloguing and searching for particular images difficult – whether you work for an art gallery or you are updating your family album.

Scientists on a major European research project called aceMedia have taken important steps towards a solution to this problem. They are building an information layer into digital image files. Their vision is that image files will come with content information, metadata (background information for use on the internet) and an intelligence layer that automatically generates word-searchable data about the image.

An extra ‘information layer', that adds both automatically generated and manually generated information to images, would revolutionise image searching on the internet as well as on your home computer or mobile phone. The technologies developed in the EU-funded aceMedia project have sparked interest from a range of commercial companies, looking to exploit the ideas in a host of directions.

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September 21, 2008
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