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Zoran Corporation provides the heart of many digital cameras

Zoran, a California based provider of solutions for the digital imaging market has been showing various products at the recent CES. It is evident that the electronic heart of many modern digital cameras is based on the same circuitry and is no longer the discriminating factor. Cameras from Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, Samsung, Sony and others using are using the same processors. So when you're shopping for a digital camera, you may focus on other factors, such as camera design and - most important - the camera lens...


Digital camera information at Zoran's websiteZoran's new product and technology demonstrations at CES 2007 included the following:
  • SupraHD high definition television designs and set top box products for Asia, Europe and North American markets

  • Affordable standard definition digital television and set top box products from Acer, E-tek, Goodmans, Grundig, Homecast, and others powered by Zoran's SupraTV product family

  • DVD Recorder reference designs for Digital Video Broadcast Set-top Boxes, PVRs, DTVs, and new combo products based on Zoran's Activa 200 family of processors along with new products from Pioneer, Sansui, Thomson/RCA, Toshiba and others.

  • Vaddis DVD multimedia processor enabled products from major manufacturers including new portable and automobile systems.

  • Zoran's latest family of APPROACH multimedia processors enabling mobile phones with GPS, TV broadcast streaming, 3D games, 5 megapixel digital camera capture, 30 frames per second video, and MPEG4 capture and playback.

  • New digital camera designs and new models from Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, Samsung, Sony and others using the COACH digital camera processor

  • New Quatro-based All-in-one printers and photo printer reference designs plus new models from Epson, Konica-Minolta, Samsung and others.

The Zoran Coach 9 processor

COACH 9 is an application specific digital signal processing IC, which constitutes the heart of a digital camera for capturing still images and video. It provides a complete, integrated, low power and low cost solution for digital camera manufacturers.

Coach 9 innovative features and integrations offer competitive performance and picture quality for digital cameras. The COACH 9 family enables platforms from entry-level to high end cameras including high quality digital video camcorders.

The Zoran CamMini 9 board

Zoran's CamMini 9 is a copy-ready reference camera that is based on Zoran's COACHâ„¢ 9 (Camera On a CHip) processor. It is offered in two versions; CamMini 9 CCD and CamMini 9 CMOS. Features include TFT LCD, Internal Flash and SD card, IGBT flash, MPEG 4 and WMV capture and playback, direct printing mode, fast click-to-click.

CamMini 9 CMOS comes with either Micron's and OmniVision's 3Mpixel CMOS sensors. CamMini 9 CMOS is a cost effective solution for entry level cameras CamMini 9 CCD comes with Panasonic's 4Mpixel CCD sensor and Copal's zoom lens. CamMini 9 CCD is a cost-effective high quality mid-range camera solution. It features full zoom camera functionality with auto focus control and AGC adjustment, providing a high image quality under a variety of conditions.

CamMini 9 is equipped with a highly efficient power module. This module supports a long operating life in all modes and is powered by 2 AA batteries. The built-in voice audio codec of COACH 9 is utilized for audio recording and playback modes including movies. The USB connection mode includes PictBridge direct printing, bulk-only mass storage, and video streaming. PC drivers include Twain and WIA.

Additional information: Digital camera information at Zoran's website
January 15, 2007
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