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Delkin eFilm PRO - one of the fastest CompactFlash digital memory cards

Delkin eFilm PRO - one of the fastest CompactFlash digital memory cards - digital camera and photography news


Poway CA, October 28, 2002 Delkin Devices, a leading US manufacturer of high performance digital photography memory products and accessories, has introduced one of the fastest CompactFlash™ digital memory cards currently on the market. The eFilm™ PRO card is part of Delkin's new premium series of memory cards that are designed to quench the professional photographers thirst for speed. As digital cameras continue to evolve into sophisticated tools, Delkin is positioning the eFilm PRO card as the next generation of digital storage. The eFilm PRO cards are solid-state and designed to be fast and durable for extensive shooting in the most extreme conditions. Optimized for use in professional grade SLR digital cameras, the eFilm PRO cards will initially be available in capacities of 128MB, 256MB, 320MB, 512MB and 640MB. The speed to capture an image has been one of the main concerns with professional photographers ever since the birth of digital photography. The eFilm PRO Card significantly reduces capture times with speeds up to and exceeding 3.6 MB per second sustained write depending on shooting conditions.

To achieve this standard in quality and speed, Delkin has developed an innovative new technology called DQD (patent pending). The eFilm PRO cards are the only product on the market currently with DQD certification. DQD is a design and quality verification process that improves the performance of CF cards and is a Delkin exclusive. It is innovative ideas like DQD which allows Delkin to have the best warranty in the business. All eFilm PRO cards, as well as Delkin's consumer line of Digital Memory Cards, are backed with a lifetime warranty.

Delkin hopes to provide more memory for less money with their 640MB capacity card. Pricing on the 640MB card is expected to be the same, if not lower, than many competing manufacture's 512MB comparable high-end memory cards. The eFilm PRO cards will be sold at independent photography and electronics stores worldwide and online at Delkin's website at The MSRP for the 640MB is $ 599.00US with the other capacities ranging from $99.00 for the 128MB to $ 199.00 for the 256MB (plus VAT in some countries). With prices on the street expected to be significantly lower, the eFilm PRO cards are anticipated to be one of the most affordable professional grade memory cards available.

An independent study conducted by Rob Galbraith, one of the most respected professional digital photography experts, was recently published on his site (www. Titled "The CompactFlash Performance Database", the study is a comprehensive evaluation of CompactFlash card performance with a number of different cameras. Over 25 different cards were tested with over 10 different professional level cameras resulting in one of the most definitive memory card studies in the professional digital photography market. Among some of Mr. Galbraith's findings was that the eFilm PRO card was the fastest card in the popular Nikon D1X and Canon D60 and among the fastest on many professional cameras. Mr. Galbraith goes on to point out in his article titled "Delkin PRO CompactFlash challenges Lexar - Speedy cards challenge perennial speed leader Lexar Media" that the eFilm PRO cards "are the first flash memory-based CompactFlash cards to either beat the longtime speed leader's 24X-rated cards in certain digital SLR cameras, or trail by a relatively small margin."

Delkin eFilm PRO cards are intended for use in high resolution, professional digital cameras such as:

Canon EOS-1D - Canon EOS D30 - Canon EOS D60  - Fuji FinePix S2 - Kodak DCS 520 - Kodak DCS 760 - Nikon D1 - Nikon D1H - Nikon D1X  - Nikon D100  

These cameras typically are used by photojournalists, studio and sports photographers working for newspapers or magazines and are best suited for taking advantage of the PRO cards rapid write speed. They also work in low priced consumer digital cameras, and are tested to ensure compatibility with all CompactFlash cameras, music players and handheld PDA's available on the market today.

Delkin's eFilm PRO cards will be introduced this week at the PhotoPlus East show at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City. PhotoPlus East is one of the industries major yearly events for the professional photographer. Delkin intends for their new eFilm PRO card to be the ideal solution for professionals that demand lightning fast performance and durability in a digital memory card.

Based in San Diego California, Delkin's line of eFilm™ Digital Camera products and accessories have long been an industry leader in media storage for both the consumer and the OEM markets. eFilm flash memory cards come in CompactFlash, SmartMedia, MultiMedia, SD Card, and PC Card formats. Delkin's digital photography product line grew out of their initial success in manufacturing office automation products for OEM's. They continue to be one of the leading US manufacturers for memory upgrades in copiers, faxes, printers, and networking equipment.

Recognized members of the press, if you would like a sample of an eFilm™ product for testing purposes, please contact Alan Parry at
October 30, 2002
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