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DIMA 2007 Innovative Digital Product Award winners

The Digital Imaging Marketing Association (DIMA) recognizes products or services utilizing new technologies making the product either distinct or the first of its kind, and honors them with the Innovative Digital Product Award. The 2007 digital camera awards have gone to Olympus. The SP-550 UZ is named as the world's most powerful ultra zoom compact camera. The camera provides professionals and photo enthusiasts with unlimited creativity, while its automatic settings and built-in help guides will put novice users at ease...
Read the complete DIMA 2007 Awards press releaseThe Olympus E-510 has been chosen because it delivers brilliant professional-quality images right out of the box, it represents the best value in its class and is loaded with innovations.

The Olympus Stylus 770 SW is designed to take great photos in nearly any environment, and can survive falls up to five feet and heavy loads up to 220 pounds of pressure. Within the camera's rugged exterior is an array of innovative technologies to ensure clear, sharp images in the roughest of shooting situations.

The DIMA Organization

It appears that the scope of the DIMA awards is shifting year on year. Already last year we have commented that the traditional list of DIMA awards had been reduced to only three categories; this year we see a shift of focus to only a single innovative product category. Its seems that the DIMA PR-activities are lacking behind as press releases and the DIMA website are beginning to show signs of fatigue, and even searching for "dima" at the PMA website delivers not a single hit….

What's the reason for all this? You should expect more from an organization that has as its credo:

"The Digital Imaging Marketing Association is committed to exploring emerging technologies, marketing and business innovations throughout the global imaging industry and envisioning potential for its members. This will be accomplished through education, forums and networking activities, raising standards and sharing best practices".


Of the hundreds of digital products on display at PMA Sneak Peek 2007, the official press event of PMA 07 in Las Vegas, Nev., 18 have been selected by a panel of digital imaging editors to receive the prestigious DIMA Innovative Digital Product Award. The annual award is one of several events sponsored by the Digital Imaging Marketing Association (DIMA), a PMA member association,Jackson, Mich.

DIMA Innovative Digital Product Awards recognize products or services utilizing new technologies and/or applications that make the product either distinct or the first of its kind.

PMA 07 Exhibitors were asked to submit entries and digital photos for their products/services by January 19, 2007, to allow a panel of industry press to evaluate the products and services for the DIMA Innovative Digital Product Awards. All entries were evaluated based on the following questions:

1.  Why is this product/service considered innovative?
2.  What sets this product/service apart from its competitors?
3.  How does this product/service benefit its user?

Companies honored for their innovative digital products, in alphabetical order by company, are:

Zigview S2

Argraph Corporation - Zigview is the world's first real-time digital angle viewfinder for digital SLR cameras. The Zigview S2 revolutionizes SLR photography with its remote detachable 2.5-inch LCD viewfinder that can be used both on and off the camera, video output, motion sensor, intervalometer, and more.

The Zigview S2 attaches to a DSLR viewfinder and displays a live video feed from the viewfinder to its large 2.5-inch high-resolution LCD screen. You can tilt and rotate the LCD for viewing at any angle, including from the front of the camera. This makes low-angle, high-angle, and self-portraits easier than ever.

SensorScope System

The SensorScope(TM) System from Delkin Devices, Inc. is the first and only complete sensor cleaning system kit on the market for digital single lens reflex cameras. The system includes unique components to safely inspect and effectively clean a DSLR's camera sensor of all types of contaminants, wet or dry.

Nexlab With DS Tower

DNP Photo Imaging America - The Nexlab with DS Tower is a high-speed, dry digital minilab solution. The new Print Tower allows multiple high-speed dye sublimation printers to work together to produce more than 1,600 unique prints per hour. A single tower can produce print sizes from 4x6 to 8x12. The Print Tower includes a back printer and order sorter.

Epson Stylus Photo 1400

The new Epson Stylus(R) Photo 1400 is the perfect companion to your digital SLR camera, delivering brilliant images up to 13"x19" with the ultimate in image quality, functionality and value. The latest in the Epson lineup of Ultra Hi-Definition inkjet printers, the Stylus Photo 1400 shares the same technology as the Epson Stylus Photo R260 and R380, including Claria(TM) ink and DX5 MicroPiezo(R) print heads, for awe-inspiring photographic prints that enable photo enthusiasts and advanced amateurs to realize the full potential of today's newer DSLRs. With an estimated street price of $399.99, this new photo printer is designed to deliver the ultimate combination of image quality, high-speed performance and value in the 13"x19" category.


FotoNation FacePro for Mobile Phones is an advanced face tracking product designed to be embedded in mobile cameraphones. FacePro finds and tracks human faces in the phone's camera module during the capture preview and thus enables the camera to continually optimize the acquisition parameters of focus and exposure, dramatically increasing the quality of the captured image.

FacePro for Mobile Phones also uses the captured face information for associating a face with the address book on the phone. FacePro significantly enhances the image quality of captured images and provides a functionality-synergy between the handset and the camera module device.

Fujifilm IS-1

The Fujifilm IS-1 is a nine megapixel point-and-shoot camera capable of capturing both visible and infrared light. Designed for the specific needs of professionals in law enforcement, medical/dental and science fields the IS-1 is the latest in Fujifilm imaging advances for capturing images in the infrared light spectrum. The IS-1 digital camera features a Fujifilm Super CCD sensor and ISO 80-1600 capabilities. The camera's high-sensitivity range, made possible by Fujifilm's Real Photo Technology, enables IS-1 users to capture images using visible and infrared light (approximately 400-900nm). Users can apply lens filtration to isolate specific wavelengths to achieve a desired effect. In addition, Fujifilm's Picture Stabilization technology uses the heightened sensitivity of the IS-1 and high-speed shutter settings to reduce blur caused by camera shake and subject movement.

HP Designjet Z Photo Printer Series

The HP Designjet Z Photo Printer Series is designed to deliver intuitive, dependable, repeatable color accuracy for museum-quality prints up to 24 and 44 inches wide. The HP Designjet Z2100 and Z3100 photo printers feature a built-in spectrophotometer with Eye-One Color Technology from GretagMacbeth/X-Rite for accurate, repeatable color matching. Designed around a thermal inkjet print system, the HP Designjet Z series uses HP Vivera pigment ink technology to deliver a wider color gamut, vivid color and exquisite black-and-white prints. The 8-ink HP Designjet Z2100 and 12-ink HP Designjet Z3100 produce prints lasting more than 200 years on a wide variety of HP media.

Hitachi Hybrid Camcorder, Model – DZHS300A

Now you have something you've never had in a camcorder before. Choice. With the Hitachi Hybrid, you have the flexibility to choose between formats when capturing your memories, because the Hitachi Hybrid is the first and only camcorder that offers the convenience of DVD plus the capacity of HDD. How you use it is your choice. So you can choose to record an entire event to HDD, but only save the magic moments to DVD. With just the push of a button, you can edit and make DVD copies right on your Hitachi Hybrid – without ever touching a PC. The Hitachi Hybrid: it's the best of two formats, remixed into a one-of-a-kind camcorder.

Gorillapod Family

The Joby Gorillapod is a bendable, flexible camera tripod that secures a digital camera to virtually any surface. Its legs bend and rotate 360 degrees, allowing users to wrap it around a tree branch, hang it from a railing, or perch it on a rock while camping. The Gorillapod is extremely lightweight and compact. It features a quick release plate, which allows users to attach the camera to the Gorillapod in one simple motion. With rubberized grip feet and a ring that locks the camera to the Gorillapod, users know that their camera equipment is secure. Gorillapod is the ideal accessory for active, mobile photographers who demand greater flexibility with their equipment in an unpredictable environment.

Photobook Pro

KIS Photo-Me Group - The Photobook Pro makes high-quality photo albums, photo books and double-sided photo products utilizing currently available silver halide photographic paper as well as many inkjet and non-photo-paper materials. It is an automated on-site photo bookbinding and assembly system, yielding the lowest cost per book in the industry, resulting in the highest possible margin for similar products.

Simply feed the photographic prints into the Photobook Pro and the system does the rest. The system applies adhesive, scores the paper, folds the pages and delivers a bound photo book in less than three minutes. The Photobook Pro can be used in a production environment, for high-volume photo operations or in-store for retail photo applications.

Lensbaby 3G

Lensbabies, LLC showcases today at DigitalExperience its third generation selective focus single lens reflex (SLR) lens, Lensbaby 3G, introducing new features that dramatically expand the Lensbaby product family's capabilities.

The Lensbaby 3G SLR lens allows photographers to lock the Lensbaby in a desired bent position simply by pressing a button. Then, using a traditional barrel focus mechanism, photographers can do fine focusing and precisely place the sweet spot of sharp focus before pressing the shutter release. The original Lensbaby lens and the Lensbaby 2.0 lens require the photographer to manually hold the Lensbaby in a bent position while pressing the shutter release.

Freedom Universal With Product Finder

MTI - Freedom Universal with the Intuition product finder feature is the ultimate "shop, gather, select and compare" tool - a powered merchandising and security system integrated with a digital signage screen that delivers SKU-specific information instantly when consumers touch the screen. An attract loop invites shoppers to interact with a touch screen to input their purchasing criteria. Consumers can narrow product selection and compare the features and benefits of multiple products. Visual indicator lights built into the display, at each position, will then guide shoppers to the live product(s) that best meets their needs, where they can pick it up and experience its features and capabilities.

Freedom Universal With Snooze Feature

MTI - Freedom Universal with the new snooze feature is the ultimate "shop and compare" tool - a powered merchandising and security system integrated with a digital merchandising screen that delivers SKU-specific information instantly when a product is lifted. The "snooze" feature allows retailers to disarm a single position on the display, providing for a more thorough, untethered, 1-to-1 product demonstration.

Olympus EVOLT E-510

The EVOLT E-510 delivers brilliant professional-quality images right out of the box. This latest addition to the E-System family of 100 percent digital SLR cameras and accessories represents the best value in its class and is loaded with innovations, including:
Live-View LCD that enables photographers to compose shots from angles other consumer digital SLR cameras just can't match, letting your unique artistry shine through; Digital and Mechanical Image Stabilization that gives users sharper and more enjoyable pictures effortlessly; Extremely portable and ergonomic lightweight body, featuring a sizeable hand grip and complemented by two new digital specific compact lenses, encouraging long photo sessions with gear that won't weigh you down; Dust Protection System for spot-free photos, so everyone in the family will spend more time enjoying shooting instead of editing photos at the computer; Ten-megapixel Image Sensor for breathtaking detailed images that can be blown up to poster size or cropped to focus on elements within a scene without sacrificing image quality, and TruePic IIIT Image Processor for fast response time, accurate color, less image noise, and increased detail of subjects in shadows.

Olympus SP-550 UZ

The new Olympus SP-550 UZ Ultra Zoom is the world's most powerful ultra zoom compact camera. It offers the ultimate in power and versatility with a compact, best-in-class 18x optical zoom lens (28-504mm equivalent in 35mm photography), which gives users the ability to shoot telephoto, wide-angle and macro (as close as 1cm) with one lens. Crisp, clear images can be captured far and wide with Dual Image Stabilization and the broadest focal range available on any digital point-and-shoot. The camera's full manual exposure control provides professionals and photo enthusiasts with unlimited creativity, while its automatic settings and built-in help guides will put novice users at ease.

Olympus Stylus 770 SW

The Stylus 770 SW is a 7.1-megapixel ultra-compact camera that is designed to take great photos in nearly any environment, including in water down to depths of 33 feet (10 meters) and in winter weather as frigid as 18 degrees below freezing (14 degrees Fahrenheit; -10 degrees Celsius). It can also survive falls up to five feet and heavy loads up to 220 pounds of pressure. Within the camera's rugged exterior is an array of innovative technologies to ensure clear, sharp images in the roughest of shooting situations.

Think Tank Photo

The rotation360 backpack incorporates an innovative beltpack that can be slid to the front for easy access to lenses, flashes, filters, memory cards and other accessories, then slid back around and secured into place at the base of the backpack, all without removing the pack from your back. This patent-pending functionality solves one of the biggest problems photographers have in the field: in order to switch lenses or bodies they first need to take off their backpack. With the rotation360 all they need to do is tug on the belt locking system and swivel the lower half of the backpack – a fully functioning beltpack – to the front. When they're done, they can just as easily swivel the beltpack back under the backpack, locking it back into place. While the main attraction of the rotation360 is the revolving beltpack, the camera strap and the speed with which its O-rings can be clasped to the shoulder harness let you carry a digital SLR around your neck all day, allowing the shoulder harness to bear the weight of the camera, making it seem noticeably lighter.

Xerox iGen3 Digital Production Press

Even flawed original photos can look good in print especially when they are made on Xerox Corporation's flagship Xerox iGen3 Digital Production Press, thanks to image-improving software invented by Xerox. Xerox has developed image quality software providing ultimate color reproduction by improving color consistency in prints, making it easier to know when to reset the press for optimum color performance, and more effectively rendering photos - all designed to help commercial printers, online photo companies and design shops boost productivity and profits of image-intensive documents.

Additional information: Read the complete DIMA 2007 Awards press release
March 21, 2007
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