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Select your page cover preference on the DCViews website

Many Internet sites on photography and artwork employ a light text on a dark background to optimize the display of images. Or is it all just a matter of taste of the web-designer?

As the larger part of the information on these sites is in text format, one could argue that, for some, a light background would increase the readability of the site.

Little known, but here at our DCViews website you can make your own choice and select the page cover that is most readable and/or appealing to you...
Your personal preferences:

In our services section you can choose your start-up screen size and select a page cover, ranging for unobtrusive to flashy. Please note that the (W) or the (B) suffix in the cover name indicates a White or a Black background color.

In the content settings you can select your preferred language group to specify which links to external websites will be shown in the menus. You can also select the country; this will enable the product manufacturing, marketing and measurements settings specific to that country.

To set your personal preferences please go to the services section in the menu on the left or click here.

Please note that we are currently working on further improving the readability of both the dark-on-light and light-on-dark page covers. As our site uses CCS (Cascading Style Sheets), we can easily tweak the CCS parameters and change the appearance of the whole site at once.
July 28, 2006
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