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Casio enhances the QV-4000  through Firmware Update Version 1.01

Click here to download Casio's QV-4000 firmware version 1.01


Improvements Provided by Firmware Update Version 1.01

* Extends battery life when the monitor screen is off.
* Fixes a problem that caused keys to become disabled during continuous shutter recording with manual exposure.
* Improves shutter speed indication in the S mode.
* Reduces residual images (red outlines) around subject in recorded images caused by strong light.

Applicable Users
* This firmware update is intended for a QV-4000 camera that is currently running Version 1.00 firmware. Use the following procedure to check the current version of your camera's firmware.

Before starting firmware update make sure that the camera is loaded with a fresh set of batteries, or is powered by an A/C power supply Casio model AD-C620. Loss of power during update will crash the camera and make it inoperable. Do not turn power off untill the LCD screen displays message COMPLETE! Perform firmware update at your own risk.

* To check the current firmware version

1. Load a Compact Flash card you normally use into your QV-4000.

2. While holding down the center of the QV-4000's control button, rotate the power/function switch to "PLAY".  
3. Keep the control button depressed until the version of your camera's firmware appears on the monitor screen.
4. Check the firmware version number that appears on the monitor screen.
 * If "Ver.1.00" appears, you need to download the version update and install it on your camera.
* If "Ver.1.01" appears, it means that your camera already is running the latest firmware version, so you do not need to install this update.  

Requirements for Installing This Update on Your Camera
* When installing this update on your camera, your computer needs to store the update software in the root directory (directly under the drive name) of a CompactFlash card. The update is then installed from the card. This means that you need a computer-camera USB cable or your computer must be equipped with a CompactFlash card slot.

 User License Agreement Covering Update Software Download
* In order to download and use the update software, you must first read and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the End User Software Licensing Agreement (Agreement) below.
* If, after carefully reading the Agreement, you agree to be bound by its terms and conditions, click the [I agree] button to advance to the download procedure.
* Regardless of whether or not you actually do agree, by downloading this update software you indicate your agreement to be bound the terms and conditions of the Agreement and establish a contractual agreement between you and CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD. (CASIO).
* If you do not agree with such terms and conditions, click [I do not agree] and do not download the update software.

Additional information: Click here to download Casio's QV-4000 firmware version 1.01
October 19, 2002
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