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The Casio IT-500: extremely versatile and robust PDA

The Casio IT-500: extremely versatile and robust PDA - digital camera and photography news


PDA-Style Industrial Data Terminals with High Resistance to Dust and Water

Models also available with Bluetooth™ module, wireless LAN modules and built-in digital camera
CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD. will launch its new personal digital assistant (PDA)-style industrial data terminal IT-500, in the first quarter of 2003.

Pocket-sized and built in the style of a PDA, the IT-500 also has dust/water splash proof capability that is compliant with IP54, and the shock-resistance to withstand a fall from up to 1.0 m. The product boasts stable operation for diverse tasks, has the latest English version of Windows® CE.NET installed as its operating system, and comes with a built-in laser scanner.

For the screen, the new CASIO-specific color TFT- LCD is used to provide a clear display indoors and out. Numeric keys that can also be used for character input are located in the IT-500's lower section. Data can be input in various ways, including scanning of barcodes, entering of alphanumeric characters using numeric keys, or entering of alphanumeric characters via hand-writing recognition on the touch screen.

The IT-500 makes report preparation and input for order-taking on site very easy, and can handle such diverse tasks as patrol inspection, route sales and inventory checking on a real-time basis.

The IT-500 product line up includes a model with a built-in Bluetooth™ module and a model with a built-in wireless LAN module. The model with the Bluetooth™ module allows wireless communication with compatible portable label printers and cellular phones. The model with the wireless LAN module is also compatible with voice over IP (VoIP), and can be set up as a private on-site phone using a built-in microphone and speaker.

A model with a built-in wireless LAN module and a digital camera is also available. With this model, on-the-spot photographs can be taken, a report with pictures can be prepared, and images can be sent via the wireless LAN.  

Some examples of potential markets and applications for the IT-500 series are given below: · Retailers: On-demand price and stock verification in stores; ordering supplies while on the shop floor; guidance on events; control of stock to and from warehouses.
· Healthcare: For use in hospitals or during visits (for prevention of errors in identifying patients; input of diagnostic data during patrol; management of drugs)
· Patrol and inspection: Carrying data relevant to an inspection; input of inspection results; preparation of daily reports
· Market research: Input of display details at stores; checking on inventories; checking on freshness of products
· Route sales: Instructions for recipients; report on the completion of deliveries; input of orders received; checking on inventories; checking on delivery dates
· Restaurants: Order taking; guidance on menus; guidance on events; payments at the table
October 8, 2002
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