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Casio releases new firmware unction for the EX-S & M series and fixes for the QV-R3/R4

Casio has released a firmware update for the EX-S & M series that adds 2 additional features:
The Image Roulette features cycles like a slot machine display through images you record or image you download from Exilim Avenue on your EXILIM digital camera, and then displays a single image.
The Power Down Image feature enables you to set the camera so a specific image stored in camera image memory appears whenever you turn off power.
Casio also releases a firmware update for the QV-R3 and QV-R4 to fix a problem that caused a Lens error.

Click below for additional information and download:
EX-S1/EX-M1/EX-S2/EX-M2 additional EXILIM functions
QV-R3/QV-R4 Firmware Update for Software Version 1.01

Additional information: EXILIM Avenue
February 27, 2003
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