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Casio Japan announces 8 Mp Exilim W63CA mobile phone

Casio introduces the Exilim W63CA camera phone for the Japanese market. The name Exilim is normally reserved for Casio's standard digital camera series, but Casio appears to follow the trend started by Sony Ericsson with their Cyber-shot camera phones. The Exilim W63CA features an 8.1 megapixel camera, a 3.1 OLED monitor with WVGA 480×800 resolution, and a 28mm wide-angle lens. The 8Mp camera is the first to use the clamshell design, measurering 50×110×17.4 mm and comes in 4 bright colors...
Check-out the original  W63CA announcement page (Japanese)System translated version of the Casio Japan annoucment letter for the Exilim W63CA

The worldwide beginning * 1 3.1 inch wide VGA organic EL displays * loading 2 2008 October 27th

The Casio Computer Co., Ltd. the au brand beginning * loaded 8.1 Mega cameras of 3 'developing EXILIM k tie W63CA'. We start payment to the KDDI corporation which is the enterprise.
 * 3, as of 2008 October 27th

It is the Japanese first digital camera brand k tie to which the “EXILIM k tie” the high pixel high performance supplies camera function in the stylish slim body, entitles the name of digital camera “EXILIM® ([ekushirimu])” of this corporation. The first generation “EXILIM k tie W53CA which” was developed 2007 summer, the clean photograph simply take, as a portable telephone from the fact that it is easy to use, acquired support from wide layer.

This time guides 'EXILIM k tie W63CA', in the slim body of thickness 17.4mm (at W53CA ratio the thin-shaped conversion of 1.5mm), loading the au brand first 8.1 Mega cameras and worldwide first 3.1 inch wide VGA organic EL display. The high performance as it improved “the enjoyment which is seen” “the enjoyment which takes” by the fact that the expression power which is visible clearly even with descriptive power and the outside which freely used digital camera function is had, rapidly.  
* 8.1 Mega pixel AF attaching cameras of domestic largest picture prime       * As a camera equipped portable telephone. As of 2008 October 27th.
Adopting the camera sensor of the effective picture prime approximately 8,090,000 pixel. Being clear with the image processing processor “EXILIM engine for Mobile which” succeeds the technology of digital camera “EXILIM”, it photographs the beautiful picture. 6 axial hand blurring revision anew loading the connected copying function of face focusing (face detection AF) function and 8 Mega correspondences and the automatic resize etc which modifies photographing size gradually automatically in addition to blurring revision and the wide angle lens loading of 28mm with high sensitivity photographing. A simply more beautiful photograph can be photographed.

* The high resolution picture and 3.1 inch wide VGA organic EL display which indicates [wansegu] beautifully
Loading 3.1 inch wide VGA organic EL display of the 480×800 dot whose color reproducibility is high with high contrast. 8.1 It can indicate also the high resolution picture which was photographed with Mega in Kousei detail. Of course, [wansegu] image and it can look at “LISMO Video” cleanly.

* You can use that way even in the foreign country, to it corresponds “global passport CDMA”
Foreign country 21 * telephone call is possible at 3 countries and area. The English which photographed with the camera the text leader and the Mobile dictionary and corresponded to also overseas edition to the Japanese sentence, the “EZ guide map” which translate the Japanese sentence in English and so on, ahead overseas making passage also the function which is useful has been complete.
 * 3, 2008 September presently
The large-sized lens ring, adopting, the detail which such as the grip which it is easy to hold closely resembles “EXILIM” to everywhere and the shutter key which it is easy to push for the simple forum. Pursuing ease of use thoroughly as a portable telephone, and as a camera it finished design. Shine pink and ice white, the titanium gold, the color variation of 4 colors of the metal green is prepared.
'As for EXILIM k tie W63CA', the Casio Computer Co., Ltd. develops & produces, is sold with the au brand of the KDDI corporation which is the enterprise. Please verify at the KDDI corporation in regard to price sale time.

Additional information: Check-out the original  W63CA announcement page (Japanese)
October 27, 2008
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