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Casio Japan announces world's first cellular phone equipped with a megapixel digital camera

Casio Japan announces another world's first. Following its launch of the world's first mobile phone equipped with a digital camera in March of last year, this time Casio announces the new Casio A5401CA, the first phone to be equipped with a 1,24 Mp CCD. It comes in three colors, Ingot Silver, Forest Black and Yellow Bee...
Product details (Casio Japan)

PRESS RELEASE (Note that this is a system translation from the Japanese press release)

Casio Computer is the cellular phone which carries a MEGAPIKUSERU CCD camera (the number of effective pixels 1,240,000 pixels), and can enjoy photography of photograph print quality of image. "A5401CA". Delivery is started to KDDI, Inc. which is an entrepreneur.

In our company which developed the first cellular phone with a camera in au in March, last year, having developed the succeeding model which aimed at improvement in a camera performance in November, last year etc. is tackling positively aiming at the cellular phone which can be photographed happily more finely. .

"A5401CA" High definition which prints beautifully and can be enjoyed in L seal size by loading of は and a 1,240,000-pixel CCD camera is realized. MEGAPIKUSERU is realized using non-surface-of-a-sphere glass for a lens, and packing it into it compactly. The colorful function which extends the pleasure to photograph, such as the first "panorama photography" in a cellular phone, and "coupling photography", "22 stage digital [ 8 times as many as this ] zoom" which can take a two-shot photograph easily, was also equipped. .    

The "reproduction zoom" which can check the "logging zoom" which can start and save a favorite portion from a photography picture, the photographed character of a timetable by zoom, and the "logging stamp" which cuts off a picture in a favorite form (five kinds), and is stuck on another picture are carried. moreover, ezplus which can create an original slide photograph and an original menu icon with a sound effect or BGM using the photoed picture -- the application "PhotoEffecter" and various pictures photographed with the CCD camera can be utilized at will

silver (Ingot Silver) with a popular color variation, and the calm black (Forest Black) -- in addition, the lineup of the three colors of individual yellow (Yellow Bee) was carried out .  

"A5401CA" The print method which was substantial with cooperation of the three following companies is prepared so that a photograph may be taken freely [ always ] with を and disposable camera feeling and a print can do a picture to leave as recollections simply. .  
■ Cellular phone photograph service Plaza Create, Inc.
A high-definition な銀塩 print, a seal print, etc. are received at "palette plaza" shop fronts all over the country.  
■ SnapMemory( I-O Data Device, Inc.
CF card * The adapter which can be boiled and saved. It can output at the home printer dealing with CF card, and a print terminal.  
■ MySync Photo2( KASHIO soft incorporated company
Software which transmits a photography picture to a personal computer. It can print on favorite size using a personal computer.  

*  CF card = CompactFlash card.  

Casio Computer develops and manufactures "A5401CA" and it is put on the market by au brand of KDDI, Inc. which is an entrepreneur.
Please confirm to KDDI, Inc. about a price and sale time.  

The main features of A5401CA  

■  1,240,000-pixel CCD camera
1,240,000-pixel 1/2.7 inch progressive CCD camera loading realized high-definition photography of SXGA (1280x960 dots) size at the maximum. The thin shape lens which used non-surface-of-a-sphere glass is adopted as a lens. MEGAPIKUSERU is realized summarizing a camera part compactly.  

■  Photograph print quality of image
In L seal size, the picture of the SXGA size photoed with the CCD camera is printed beautifully, and can be enjoyed. The print method that a high-definition photograph can be enjoyed easily is prepared by cooperation of the three following companies.

-  Cellular phone photograph service Plaza Create, Inc.
It is the new service which starts in a palette plaza all store. If A5401CA is carried into a palette plaza, a high-definition な銀塩 print, a seal print, creation of picture CD-R, etc. can be enjoyed.  

-  SnapMemory( I-O Data Device, Inc.
The backup adapter which saves a photography picture, address book data, etc. at a CompactFlash card. It can print at the home printer dealing with a CompactFlash card, and a photograph print terminal.  

-  MySync Photo2( KASHIO soft incorporated company
It is the Windows version software which transmits a photography picture to a personal computer and can perform album creation automatically. The printer linked to the personal computer is used and seal printing, panorama printing, calendar printing, etc. can be enjoyed.  

■  A colorful zoom function

-  22 stage digital [ 8 times as many as this ] zoom
The digital [ 8 times as many as this ] zoom which can also use movie photography was carried as well as the photograph. Since regulation of zoom is 22 stage change, the photographic subject which moves can also catch smoothly.  

-  Logging zoom
The photoed picture * It can start as only の一部分 was checked by zoom and seen in the pictures, and it can save. For example, he can be started from a set photograph and it can be made wallpaper.  
* SXGA or the photography picture in VGA mode  

-  Reproduction zoom
The photoed picture * Seeing by を zoom is possible. For example, the blackboard, the timetable, etc. are photoed, zoom of the character etc. can be carried out and it can be read later.  
* SXGA or the photography picture in VGA mode  

■  The substantial photography function

-  Panorama photography
The first panorama photography function in the industry is carried. The photographed picture can make it scroll automatically on a screen.  

-  Coupling photography
It is the function as for which the picture photographed separately is simply made to a two-shot photograph. The photographic subject which is different in 2 steps is photoed using the half of a screen. It compounds automatically after photography and is the picture of one sheet. * It is alike and can do.  
* Only cellular phone size  

-  Macro photography
Only by changing a switch macroscopically, memorandum 撮り of data or a timetable can also be photoed distinctly.  

-  A photograph is taken closed.
A photograph can be taken even if it does not open a main part. Operation of photography, preservation, and cancellation is possible by the key of the side.  

-  Continuation photography
The continuation photography of the picture of nine sheets can be carried out with a one button. It can also save only one favorite sheet that the photoed picture carries out all picture preservation by package.  

-  Photography light
It is possible to make a light turn on also during movie photography as well as photograph photography. ON/OFF will be changed if the "# key" is pushed during photography.  

■  "16MB data folder" which can save about 80 SXGA pictures of photograph print quality of image  

■  Movie mail correspondence
It newly corresponds to M size (128x96 dots) movie. Rather than the conventional model (A5302CA), the screen became large and became still more legible. The photography for a maximum of 15 seconds is possible, and after photography, it appends to E-mail and can send. It is also possible to add the telop which adds BGM and a sound by postrecording after photography, or is displayed at the time of reproduction.  

■  PhotoEffecter
an original slide photograph can be easily created using the picture photoed with the camera -- new -- it is an application

-  It is a slide photograph and is あそぶ (no charge).
Only by choosing 18 kinds of slide patterns, the photoed picture is simply made to a slide photograph. It is also possible to insert a character telop and to reproduce a sound effect and with BGM.  

-  A slide photograph is sent (charge).
A maximum of five slide photographs can be transmitted to an ezplus cellular phone or a personal computer by WEB mail.  

-  An icon is built (charge).
An original menu icon can be made only from sending the photoed picture to a server by easy operation.  
*  PhotoEffecter(s) are the registered trademark of incorporated company photograph expressway Japan, and service.
Subscription in charged service is needed for use of "a slide photograph is sent" and "building an icon."
Moreover, communication is used for operation. (The charge of communication starts separately)  

■  Photograph きゃ studios
It is the service on EZweb which can create original 3D KYARA easily using the photoed picture.
A picture is chosen and 3D KYARA completes the face range only by choosing favorite KYARA in specification and the "photograph きゃ studios" of EZweb. Created 3D KYARA can be transmitted by appending mail or WEB mail.
Moreover, it can be made a screen saver or can set also to a photograph address book and an arrival-of-the-mail screen.  
*  Appending mail can be exchanged with A5401CA(s) and A5302CA. WEB mail can be transmitted to au terminal of an EZwebmulti course, or a GIF animation correspondence terminal. Communication is used for operation in "photograph きゃ studios." (The charge of communication starts separately)  

■  Abundant picture processing functions

-  Logging stamp
The photoed picture is cut off in a favorite form (five kinds), and its own original stamp can be created.  

-  Frame stamp
15 sorts of frames and 20 sorts of stamps are built in. The original site of KASHIO to download is also possible.  

-  The picture effect and the photography effect
showing a photography picture slimly or making it plump たり -- etc. -- 20 kinds of edit processings can be enjoyed  

■  Crystal Fine liquid crystal

Crystal which raised the brightness of liquid crystal sharply Fine ※1 Liquid crystal is adopted also as a sub display. For a main & sub display, a JPGE picture is an equivalent for a maximum of 15,680,000 colors. ※2 The の color display is realized. Furthermore, display area raised the main display about 20% by transparent-ization of a PICT display portion, and the screen became legible greatly.  
※1  Crystal fine および Crystal Fine is the trademark of Seiko Epson, Inc.  
※2  By soft processing, the display of a maximum of 15,680,000 is possible for the picture of JPGE form.  

■  The arrival-of-the-mail function also corresponding to movie reproduction

-  It wears and is a movie.
If the photoed movie is set as the "arrival movie", it can be made to be able to reproduce at the time of arrival of the mail, and he can be enjoyed.  

-  着う -- ™
If the rust portion (about 30 seconds) of music containing VOKARU is downloaded from the correspondence site of EZweb, it can use as an arrival-of-the-mail sound, or it can reproduce as it is and it can be enjoyed.  
■  Japanese input system "ATOK for au" loading which AI conversion function to judge the context of order attached  

■  The "photograph address book" which can register the photoed picture into an address book  

■  The "かんたん mail recipe" which can create easily E-mail photograph mail movie mail and GPS mail

Additional information: Product details (Casio Japan)
May 17, 2003
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