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Canon enters the 4800 dpi photo printer arena with the new i850 and i950

Canon Europe announces two new photo printers to enter the 4800 dpi photo printer arena. The Canon i950 is the follow-on to the S900 with increased print resolution of 4800x1200. Furthermore, the i950 uses a six-color inkjet system with separate color ink tanks.
The i850 uses three ink colors & black, is not as fast as the i950, but still faster that its S750 predecessor. Prices will be € 249 for the i850 and € 399 for the i850.
Canon enters the 4800 dpi photo printer arena with the new i850 and i950 - digital camera and photography news

Canon Bubble Jet Printer i850 (click here for specifications)

The Bubble Jet i850 uses Canon's standard advanced MicroFine Droplet Technology™ print head to deliver high-quality printing at speed, for your every printing need.

Canon's print head design features significantly smaller nozzles than other competitive inkjet technologies. These in turn give the most consistent ink drop size & most accurate ink drop placement - critical factors in achieving high quality photo printing.

The reduced nozzle size means that they can be placed closer together to give highdensity print heads that guarantee speed is not compromised when printing at high resolution.

To take advanced MicroFine Droplet Technology™ to the next level of performance Canon has introduced Micro-Nozzles. Small nozzle size is key in retaining print accuracy as ink drop sizes decrease. Canon's new Micro- Nozzles, at only 10 microns in diameter, are about 40% smaller than that of our closest competitor. This remarkable size means the i850 can eject 2pl ink droplets with the precision to give a clear step-up in photo quality.

By using 2pl ink droplets at a resolution of up to 4800dpi the i850 is able to express finer details than ever before. In addition the use of smaller 2pl droplets makes it impossible for the naked eye to distinguish individual dots within any photo print. This means that the Bubble Jet i850 gives professional image quality that has previously only been available from dedicated 6-colour photo printers.

Not only does the Bubble Jet i850 give you professional photo quality, it prints fast too! It can produce a 4" x 6" photo in just 32 seconds and a full A4 photo in 100 seconds. This is the fastest printer for monochrome and colour in its class, printing up to 22 ppm mono, 14 ppm colour — a breakthrough in speed and quality! The Bubble Jet i850 makes use of advanced Precision Colour Distribution Technology to enable high-quality 1200 x 1200 dpi one-pass, bi-directional printing.

This ensures high speed and high-quality colour printing. An A4 full-colour page prints at up to 2.5 ppm on plain paper.

Furthermore, Canon's Single Ink technology reduces ink waste. When a colour runs out, you replace only one tank. It incorporates a user friendly optical system to detect ink levels, so you don't throw away cartridges with unused ink in other colours. The result is maximum economy.

Recommended Area of Use
The Bubble Jet i850 is best suited to businesses and home photographers looking to create high-quality images. It will appeal to second-time buyers and power users with high quality standards

Canon Bubble Jet Printer i950 (click here for specifications)

The Bubble Jet i950 is breaking new territory with its 4800 x 1200 dpi capability coupled with 2 picolitre permanent drop size thanks to Canon's new Micro-Nozzle — a breakthrough in printer technology. The Bubble Jet i950 uses Canon's now standard advanced MicroFine Droplet Technology™ to ensure brilliant, high-contrast prints with the broadest colour range, even on plain paper.

Canon's new print head features Micro-Nozzles capable of delivering consistent 2pl droplets with ultimate dot placement and giving a true resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi. At 10 microns in diameter, the individual nozzles are about 40% smaller than the closest competitor's. The remarkable size of the new Canon Micro-Nozzle means that the microscopic ink drops are ejected at high velocity. This results in the greatest precision in dot placement as air resistance is reduced to a minimum. All of this combines to provide the most accurate dot placement, resulting in the sharpest images.

Thanks to its unprecedented 3,072-nozzle print head, the Bubble Jet i950 can print a full-colour A4 photo in one minute and a 4" x 6" in just 28 seconds.

The Bubble Jet i950 uses a six-ink system — CMYK plus Photo Cyan and Photo Magenta — so it actually addresses more colours than most printers on the market. What's more, by printing 2pl dots at 4800 dpi, the printer can overlay light density inks to give a "mid-density" dot, reducing the difference in colour between light and regular dots. This completely eliminates "texture" in the mid tones. Overlaying dots of photo ink gives more colour shades per pixel. This provides the smoothest graduations in printed images, and more colour shades per pixel gives enhanced image depth.

The Bubble Jet i950 offers a wide range of software enhancement tools — including Photo Noise Reduction, Vivid Photo, Image Optimizer and Photo Optimizer PRO — integrated into the printer driver. Usually these tools are associated with expensive photo editing applications. Photo Noise Reduction identifies image noise created by low-resolution digital cameras and smoothes it out, eliminating it from the image. Other software enhancement tools help you to get stunning results whether you're new to digital photography or experienced in your craft.

Recommended Area of Use
The Bubble Jet i950 is designed for professional and advanced home use. It will fit in well in an office requiring high-quality images and in professional or amateur photo studios.

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January 2, 2003
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