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Canon launches the new 4 Megapixel PowerShot S45

Canon launches the new 4 Megapixel PowerShot S45 - digital camera and photography news



Canon, a leader in digital imaging technology, launches the new 4 Megapixel PowerShot S45. Incorporating Canon's new high-performance DIGIC processor, FlexiZone AF/AE and a 3x zoom lens, the PowerShot S45 is aimed at the advanced user who demands photographic control from a compact digital camera.

Canon's unique DIGIC processor is the heart of the PowerShot S45 linking six key elements: CCD Control, AE/AF/AWB, signal processing, JPEG compression, memory card control and LCD monitor display, to deliver outstanding images and overall performance.

"We expect the PowerShot S45 to continue the success of its predecessor, the award winning S40." Says Mark Robinson, Marketing Manager, Canon Consumer Imaging. "By incorporating new technologies and utilising our digital imaging expertise we are able to provide advanced users with a compact digital camera which will offer improved SLR style control and exceptionally high quality results."


Canon has designed a unique DIGIC processor specifically for improving image processing. This enables the PowerShot S45 to deliver improved image quality whilst the speed advantage of DIGIC provides users with increased battery life.

'Intelligent Scene Analysis based on Photographic Space' (iSAPS) is an additional technology, which allows the PowerShot S45 to deliver exceptional images. With iSAPS technology the scene focussed on and shooting information are analysed and cross-referenced against Photographic Space data. Photographic Space data is a vast library of statistical information built into every new Canon digital camera. By taking advantage of the Photographic Space, the PowerShot S45's performance parameters are optimised and the output image is how the user intended it to be.

The PowerShot S45 features an intelligent orientation sensor, which detects the orientation of the camera to optimise the metering and white balance in all situations. The orientation sensor allows the PowerShot S45 to automatically rotate the image for playback on a TV or when transferring images to a PC with Canon software. As the PowerShot S45 now has additional feedback about the scene, it can improve pictures by automatically compensating for bright areas of sky in the top of portrait format shots.


The quality in the PowerShot S45 is driven by three major elements: lens, sensor and image processing.

The PowerShot S45 is equipped with a compact, retractable 3x optical zoom lens (35m film equivalent 35-105mm). Constructed from seven elements, including two aspherical elements, and arranged in five groups the 3x optical zoom lens has a fast F2.8 maximum aperture, which allows the PowerShot S45 to deliver high quality images.

The new intelligent orientation sensor automatically rotates images after each shot and ensures that before the shutter is released the PowerShot S45 can optimise its settings to best capture the scene. The high quality 4 Megapixel CCD sensor is then employed to digitise the captured scene and once the shutter is released the high-speed DIGIC processor processes the images.

The combination of these three elements allows the PowerShot S45 to deliver high-resolution photo prints and offer greater accuracy in colour reproduction.

Photo Flexibility and Creativity

13 shooting modes including one new custom setting provides photographers with improved flexibility to handle any shooting situation and ensures added control over the final result. Featuring two new Canon technologies: 9-point AiAF and FlexiZone AF/AE, the PowerShot S45 can focus on the subject wherever they are in the frame. The 9-point AiAF improves focus performance because the focussing area is larger than its predecessor. The FlexiZone AF/AE provides complete control of the focus position and exposure point in the viewfinder frame and is ideal for off-centre and even on-the-edge compositions.

As well as allowing for manual focussing, the PowerShot S45 allows for a new incorporated feature 'focus bracketing'. This allows the user to take three shots: one at the selected focus, one in front of and one behind making it ideal for macro photography. The PowerShot S45 also includes digital effects such as sepia, B/W, low sharpening, vivid and neutral settings which can be used in all modes.

Another distinguishing feature is the Movie mode, which also has in-camera editing functions. Movie recording and playback allows the users to record up to three minutes of footage at fifteen frames per second. By compressing the movie with Motion JPEG (video) and WAVE (mono audio) it is saved as an AVI file and ready to view on PC or TV.

Connectable to the full range of Canon Direct Printers, CP-10, CP-100, Bubble Jet S820D, S830D and S530D, the PowerShot S45 allows users to print high quality photographs without the need for a PC. Operation is simple, connect the camera to a Canon direct printer and select the desired shot and within minutes you can have full colour credit card-size, postcard size or A4 size photographs to pass around.

The PowerShot S45 also features "My Camera" mode, which allows users to personalise start-up images and operation sounds.


The PowerShot S45 is compatible with both PC and Mac and has a full suite of advanced software.

New ZoomBrowzer EX 4.0 - essential for image management, the new ZoomBrowser EX files, prints and even transfers images to a computer effortlessly.
New File Viewer Utility - for the faster transfer, preview and conversion of RAW image files.
Picture Transfer Protocol - PowerShot S45 can be used in PTP mode for driverless connection to Windows XP and Mac OS-X (v10.1).
New ArcSoft Camera Suite 2.0 - advanced package for both still image and video clips.

Canon's PhotoStitch, RemoteCapture and PhotoRecord software are also included.

Accessories include a 30m waterproof case, a soft case and a car battery charger for quick and easy recharging.

The PowerShot S45 is compatible with Type-I and Type-II CompactFlashâ„¢ memory cards as well as the IBM Microdrive.
September 16, 2002
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