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Is the launch of the Canon 40D Digital SLR imminent?

It looks like the announcement of the much rumored Canon 40D, successor to the Canon 30D is imminent. This new Canon 40D may hold records on the earliest information being leaked (as early as September last year) as well as the most speculated digital SLR, with a current hit rate on Google of 455.000. In spite of the manufacturers attempt to prevent early publication (do they?) of new products you always find trustful Internet sources which confirm imminent announcements. The CIPA is one of these resources. Reference removed on July 19...
Is the launch of the Canon 40D Digital SLR imminent? - digital camera and photography newsThe CIPA, the Camera & Imaging Product Association, has today posted their latest list of PictBridge compatible cameras, and the Canon 40D has been added to the Manufacturer's Listing: Digital Cameras. In the past this has been an indication that the announcement is coming up. On account of earlier incidents I have written to CIPA to alert them on these premature postings, until now without any consequence apparently.
Note: CIPA has removed the Canon 40D reference on July 19

On the right you'll see a selection from the image hits of the new Canon 40D on Google. You should however realize that we have many resourceful artists that create such images with a little help from Adobe Photoshop and post them on the Internet.

Photoshop Mock-ups

This technique is nowadays often used for almost any yet unannounced product, but to be perfectly honest your editor was one of the first to use this trick when he faked the announcement of the Fuji Finepix 4747 - as the successor to the Fujifilm Finepix 4700 - back in October 2000. As a matter of fact, the actual successor to the Finepix 4700 was launched in February 2001 and named the Finepix 4800. The camera turned out to have nearly all the features, the body and accessories of the faked Finepix 4747…

July 19, 2007
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