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The RealPIX digital camera for real estate photography

On July 10 RealPIX will launch a special wide angle digital camera built for real estate photography. What sets this camera apart is a 22mm wide angle lens, its simple operation and the fact that it's specifically targeted at real estate agents. But other than that, the camera is a very basic digital camera with a CCD resolution of just 640 x 480 pixels, no zoom capabilities and no LCD monitor at a very steep price of $299! So if you are looking for wide angles but somewhat more sophistication and power, check our selection of wide angle cameras...


Have a look at the RealPIX websiteRealPIX, The World's First Specialty Digital Camera For Real Estate Photography

Today, RealPIX announces the world's first and only specialty wide angle digital camera built just for real estate photography.

The RealPIX camera answers the requests of hundreds of thousands of working real estate sales agents who are frustrated at not being able to buy a simple point and shoot digital camera with the high quality ultra wide angle lens and powerful flash needed for taking web-ready photos of the rooms and exteriors of houses for sale. Until the RealPIX camera, the features most needed by real estate agents have been coupled to other features they do not need. This has made it very expensive for them to buy a digital camera with the professional grade wide angle lens and flash they need for this unique work.

The RealPIX includes the features real estate professionals need, and does not include the features they do not need. It is truly the world's first point and shoot real estate photography solution. Its all-glass 22mm equivalent wide angle lens is the widest lens available in the world on any point and shoot camera, regardless of price -- giving a full 90-degree field of view, and fixed focus from 4-feet to infinity. It provides a crisp rectilinear (undistorted) image, and has an f-1:2.0 aperture for terrific low-light level performance. The built-in flash is also the best point and shoot flash ever offered, at any price, providing diffuse, even illumination in completely dark rooms out to over 20-feet.

The RealPIX includes built-in memory for 400+ pictures, a built-in ultra powerful Lithium Polymer battery for years of service and over 400 full-power flash shots on a full charge. The RealPIX includes all of the accessories needed for daily use: belt case, wrist strap, USB cable, car charger, wall charger, and a user manual. RealPIX has a 30-day money back guaranty, and a no-questions 1-year replacement warranty.

The RealPIX digital camera will start shipping on July 15th, and online preorder reservations can be placed starting today on the RealPIX web site at . RealPIX is priced at $299, with free ground shipping to USA destinations.

Additional information: Have a look at the RealPIX website
April 12, 2007
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